Check Your Car To Avoid A Crash

Motor vehicle accidents are incredibly common in the United States. There were 6.45 million vehicle crashes in the past year, which ranged in severity from minor to fatal.

A significant number of wrecks can be prevented if drivers take certain precautions before leaving home, according to North Carolina car accident attorneys Bruce Elmore and Ruth Smith.

They recommend that drivers take the following steps to reduce the chances of a car accident. It doesn’t take long, but it could save a life.

Driving in Bad Weather? Are You Equipped?

It should come as no surprise that there are more motor vehicle accidents in winter. Much of the nation experiences extreme weather, such as snow and ice. That makes it a common cause of car accidents.

If you live in a state that regularly experiences bad weather, you need to make sure your car is fully equipped for the conditions.

For example, coolant is also especially important in the winter months. Open the hood and ensure all fluid levels are at their required levels. The fluid should look clear, not cloudy. If it’s cloudy, it could indicate a problem with your vehicle.

Keep Your Windows And Mirrors Clear

It’s easy to forget about grimy windows and mirrors. When dirt collects on mirrors and windows, it can impact visibility.

Go out of your way to clean your windows and mirrors regularly. These are your key visual assistants on the road, but they can’t provide optimal assistance without proper maintenance.

The personal injury attorneys at The Elmore and Smith Law Firm say you shouldn’t only rely on a squeegee to get the job done. A true window cleaning requires a microfiber cloth and a dedicated window cleaning solution.

Check Your Lights

Your lights are essential for night driving. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that more accidents happen at night than during the day.

Check your lights at least once a week. This includes taillights, front lights, turn signals, and brake lights. You’ll likely need the help of a friend to help you do this.

Even if a broken light doesn’t lead to an accident, you can be pulled over and given a ticket if a light doesn’t work.

Are Your Tires Balding?

Tires start to bald as they age. Attorneys Elmore and Smith say balding tires mean that you need longer stopping distances and are at a greater risk of hydroplaning during wet weather.

A visual inspection will usually tell you if there’s a problem with your tire’s tread. If you suspect anything is wrong, you should see a mechanic.

Visit your mechanic regularly to have your tires rotated, inspected and inflated. Make sure to change them when advised.

Last Word: Keep Your Car In Good Condition

Cars that haven’t been maintained are far more likely to be involved in an accident.

Reduce your chances of being involved in a crash by checking your car regularly and undergoing routine maintenance at your garage. Being proactive in how you care for your vehicle can save you and the ones you love from catastrophic harm.

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