Celebrity Yoga Trainers Reveal Secrets to Younger Skin & Face

Who doesn’t want to look younger? We all do! Aging is natural, and it cannot be escaped, but those wrinkles and dullness is an uninvited guest that nobody wants. It would be great to have elixir and stay young forever. Sadly, that’s not possible; however, it is possible to tone down the visible signs of aging with yoga.

Yes! You read it right yoga can help in reducing the obvious old age symbols from the face and body. It also refreshes the mind and works as a tonic for the soul. This is the very reason that many celebrities rely on their yoga trainers for a healthy and active lifestyle. We tried to get the secrets out from these celebrity trainers, and we got our hands on some extremely useful tips.

Let’s begin with the face exercises to lift face skin and look younger. There are few face yoga exercises that can be practiced at home regularly.

The ‘V’

Wrinkles around eyes and lines make a face older and tiresome, who wants that? To avoid these lines and wrinkles put your middle fingers of both hands between the eyebrows together. Now use both of the index fingers to apply pressure to the outer corner of the eyes. While doing so, look upward and move your lower eyelids upwards. Once done, relax and repeat the procedure six times in a row. Finish it off with relaxing by squeezing your eyes shut for ten seconds.

The Smooth Smile

If you want to reduce the lines around the mouth and want to lift cheeks and jaw, then smile as wide as you can hide the teeth. This too should be repeated six times consecutively. After repeating six times, hold the smile and put the index finger on the chin. Tilt your head back and start moving your jaw up and down. Relax and then repeat two more times.

Be A Giraffe

To tone neck and life, it looks straight ahead and places the fingertips on top of the neck. Pull the skin down as you tilt the head back. Bring the head down and repeat twice more. After that, jut the lower lip as far out as possible. Point chin upwards, place the finger on the collarbone and pull the corners of the mouth down. Hold this position for four deep breaths.

Be Stress Free

stress free - Celebrity Yoga Trainers Reveal Secrets to Younger Skin & Face

The famed LA yoga instructor who has worked with Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Anniston’s buddy for life, Mandy Ingber believes that yoga is about strength, balance, and flexibility but most of all it reduces stress levels. Reduced stress levels shape the body like nothing else.

When you are relaxed and not stressed in any way, your skin starts to glow from within. Yoga is like a miracle and the best anti-ageing technique. The aches and body pains make us feel older than our actual age, and that’s not how we should feel. Let’s see what can be done to prevent these negative feelings.

Equal Standing

Stand on a yoga mat bare feet, keep your feet parallel and together, or keep them hip-width apart. Let your arms hand aside. Shift your focus to the feet and at the distribution of the body weight. Shift forward, backward, and side to side without lifting the soles. Keep shifting until you are successful in bringing the weight to the centre.

Shift your focus to the upper body now. Try to feel how your hips are stacked over ankles, and same is the case with shoulders over hips. Move your chin back to balance the skull on spine. Try to find an equilibrium to assure that minimum muscle strength is being used to stand.

Try to be as watchful of your standing position as possible, standing in front of a mirror might help. Imagine there is a string and it is attached to the crown of your head, and it’s pulling you upward, if you are slouching correct the position but not over-engage any muscle. To notice how the balance changes close your eyes and feel it.

Tree Pose

tree pose - Celebrity Yoga Trainers Reveal Secrets to Younger Skin & Face

Balancing becomes difficult with age, and this pose helps to maintain the balance later in life. It starts with the equal standing posture then shifting most of the weight to the left foot and leg. Hands need to be brought to the prayer position in front of the chest. Now, come onto the toes of the right foot. Open the right leg and hip. If the balance is unsteady keep the right toes on the floor.

Put your right heel against the inside of the left calf. When you are stable lift the right foot off the floor and place it against the inside of the left thigh or calf. Be very extra careful and not press it against the knee. Take few breaths in the same position before lowering the foot. Repeat it on the second side, lifting the left foot.

Let Your Heart Strings Dance

heart strings - Celebrity Yoga Trainers Reveal Secrets to Younger Skin & Face

There is one more thing which keeps you young at heart when coupled with yoga. We are talking about music! Many top yoga trainers advise listening to soothing music during yoga sessions. They also recommend learning to play an instrument of your choice. If you don’t own any then get one on budget through online promo codes. Playing music calms the mind and its food for the soul. It makes the person happy and content with life, and these feelings automatically subtract a few years from the age.

End Note

There is nothing and when we say nothing we mean it, more important in this entire universe then your mental and physical health. Yoga is the one solution for both. It keeps you fit physically and relaxed mentally. The practice is divine, and it makes you imagine serenity which makes us all happy. Being happy is the ultimate key to look and feel young and have glowing skin. If you are joyful, it will show on the face, and it will give your face a jovial radiance which defies the age.

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