Butt Workout For Women – Pro Tips And Sample Workout

Not long back, having a “booty” was frowned upon by some, but that’s obviously not the case today. People now take the stand that a little shape and curvature is far better than skin and bones. You can perhaps thank, in part, celebrities such as Beyonce, J-Lo, and more recently, perhaps, the one and only Kim K.

Women nowadays, and men too for that matter, are embracing their curves and are realising that when it does come to the body, curves are most definitely sexy. This is why more and more women are working on bringing up their butts to enhance not only their femininity, but their physiques on a whole. Following a specially designed glute workout is of course the perfect way of really working on your butt and improving it, yet the problem is finding a glute workout that is truly effective and not just designed to sell magazines or push pointless supplements and fat loss products.

If you’re fed up of having a flat behind and want to really improve your butt this year, take a look at these helpful butt workout tips for women, plus, our handy butt workout sample routine that’s included at the end of this article, and you’ll be amazed by just how much progress you actually make, in such a relatively short amount of time.


Squats were once an exercise followed by meathead bodybuilders in order to improve the size and strength of their legs. Or worse, to boost their egos as they squatted ridiculous amounts of weight using a barbell. These days, however, squats are famous for a different reason, and that reason is the fact that they’ve been proven to help improve the size, shape, firmness, tone, and definition of your rear.

If your booty could use a little help, make sure you include plenty of squats as part of your glutes workout routine. You don’t need to barbell squat if you don’t want, or if you do, you can even simply begin with the bar, which itself weighs just 45lbs. Alternatively, however, you can perform bodyweight squats to really hit your butt and bring it up.

There are many different variations you can choose from, but the important thing is that you include them as part of your butt workout routine. Not only will your butt benefit, so too will your quads, hamstrings, and calves in the process, which means that your entire lower body will soon be looking fab.

Work Your Glutes 2 – 3 Times Per Week

Rather than simply working your glutes once a week, try to at least double that, or possibly even triple it if you’re looking for rapid growth and development. If your butt is already pretty impressive, you will be able to get away with training your butt once a week in order to maintain it in its current state, but if it’s newfound development and growth you seek, you will need to increase the amount of volume when it comes to butt training.

Obviously how much weight you lift, plus which exercises you perform will depend solely on your own preferences and personal circumstances, generally speaking, whatever you do you should ideally work your butt at least twice a week.

Weights and Cardio

Remember, having a large, rounded butt, is not the same as having a fat butt. In fact a fat butt is probably the one thing you want to avoid more than pretty much anything else. To help keep your body fat levels under control, not to mention to help improve and enhance muscle tone and definition, you should make sure to combine plenty of cardio with your weight training.

A solid butt workout for women should include a combination of weights and cardio. Weight and calisthenics workout routines, will help to improve muscle shape, tone, and size, not to mention helping to firm the skin and destroy cellulite, whilst the cardio will help to reduce stubborn butt fat, and enhance definition once the fat covering the muscle has been stripped away.

Incline training

For the ultimate butt workout, why not kill two birds with one stone by performing incline training so that you not only tone and build muscle, but burn fat simultaneously. Stepping machines, hill sprints, and setting the treadmill on an incline are all ideal methods of burning calories, toning the muscles, and working your entire lower body in the process.

Sample Butt Workout Routine for Women

Now we have a few tips under our belts, let’s now take a look at a typical sample butt workout routine for women, that you can try yourself the next time you’re in the gym.

  • Bodyweight squats – 4 sets of 15 – 20 reps
  • Stiff legged deadlifts – 4 sets of 10 – 12 reps
  • Walking lunges – 3 sets of 10 reps per leg
  • Donkey kicks – 3 sets of 10 – 12 reps per leg
  • Lying hamstring curls – 3 sets of 12 – 15 reps
  • 20 minutes of incline cardio, incline treadmill work, or hill-sprints.

If your glutes are absolutely burned and set on fire after this workout, you know you did it properly. As a final thought, remember that your glutes are one of the largest muscles in the body. So aesthetic reasons aside, it pays to have well-developed glutes for optimal function and strength in the legs.

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