Body Hair Removal-Efficient and Easy Methods

Having unwanted hair in the various body parts is common. It is mainly found on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, feet, fingers, toes and toes. You may have unwanted hair for various reasons, such as genetics, certain medications like steroids, high levels of certain hormones, and polycystic ovary syndrome. There are several ways to reduce unwanted hair. With the help of most methods at least most of the hair will finally come back.

Hair removal methods for a hair-free body:

Most girls prefer to remove excess hair applying various hair removal ways. While shaving and waxing are common choices, there are many other ways to  eliminate unwanted hair.

Here we try to portrait some of the options of hair removing methods.


Shaving works by detaching the hair at the skin level. It’s the foremost frequently used method of hair removal. You will get the option to choose from electric shavers and disposable razors, looking on your budget.

Advantages: Shaving is pain-free as long as you’re cautious to not cut yourself. Make sure you apply shaving soap or cream and a sharp blade. This way there is a chance to reduce the chances of razor burn or shave-burn irritation. This method is very affordable for anyone.

Where does it work best:  Shaving is used on various body parts but many of us are not comfortable to shave on the face for the fear of thick hair growth post the session. However, in your legs, arms, underarms and even pubic area shaving is safe.

How to use it: Shaving within the shower especially once you are using one time used razors is the best option to get a smooth, hair-free body. Wet the area you would like to shave and so use shaving gel or cream. Then, wet the razor with water and shave within the other way of the hair growth. If you want a smoother glide hold the skin taut. This step is important when using an electrical shaver as there’s no cream used. Once done, dry the skin and apply moisturiser to stop dryness.

How long will it last: With this hair removal method, the hairs spread back faster. By betting on your hair growth, you can see that short hair comes back to something in two to three days to shave the post after shaving for two days.


Epilation is a hair removal procedure that can be done very easily. It has an epilation device called an epilator which is battery powered.

Advantages: The best thing is epilation leaves your hair smooth and hair-free for weeks because the hair is pulled out from the root. It is a very efficient and easy home method to remove hair. It also creates the following hair growth lesser.

Where does it work best: Epilation works great on wider areas like the legs and arms and gives long-lasting results.

How to use it: You need to shop for an epilator to do epilate. Place it at a 90 degree angle on the world to be epilated, switch it on so move it ahead for it to figure. you’ll be able to take breaks if you discover it to be too painful. When doing it for the first time, it’s best to start out with the legs, preferably with the calf region which is a smaller amount sensitive.

How long will it last: Epilation lasts for three weeks or more depending on your hair growth.

Hair Removal Cream:

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatories, contain chemicals that break down hair structure. At this point, you use the cream on one part, wait 5 to 10 minutes for the hair to disintegrate so use a towel or plastic scrap to get rid of the cream with the hair.

Advantages: Hair removing creamgives results that will generally last longer than shaving but less than waxing.

Where does it work best:  It can be applied on large areas like legs and arms and also on patches that are hard to shave or wax- like your upper lip or elbows.

How to use it:

Just use the cream towards the hair growth and leave it for the required time as per the instructions in the required instructions. Then wash it off and dry your hairless, smooth skin.

How long will it last: Hair removing creams can keep your hair growth away for up to a week depending on the thickness.


Waxing could be an effective hair removal technique that uses wax to get rid of hair from the body. It’s done by applying warm wax over a section so using a strip of material or paper to get rid of the wax together with the unwanted hair.

Advantages: You have to tolerate a few seconds of pain to get the minimum haircut. And it doesn’t grow back as often. This makes hair growth less specific after shaving, would be a close tip. Waxing makes your skin feel silky and re-growth of hair over time is probably going to be subtle and slow.

How to use it: It is quite easy to wax in a salon and comfortable for a while but you can probably get home waxing kits that have strips coated with wax. You want to use these strips in the direction of hair growth and keep the skin tight. Then, at a brisk pace, pull the strip in another way to induce hair removal. In salons, the wax is applied to the skin with a spatula and followed similarly.

How long will it last: Waxing removes your hair for 2 to 3 weeks a minimum of, and in many cases, it may be four weeks too.


This method of hair removal is quickly making a resurgence and is gaining in popularity among people who want a hair removal method that is both effective and lasts them a long time. It consists simply of lemon juice, water and sugar. It is pulled in the direction of the hair and it has been in use since the time of the Egyptians. The main reason sugaring has been able to make a comeback is because of its long-term effects and its potential for sustainability.

Not unlike waxing, this hair removal method can be used just about anywhere on the body. You can, quite literally, sugar from your brows to the toes of your feet and also everything in between. This method of hair removal is also perfect for all kinds of skin tones and types. One of the major advantages of this type of hair removal method is that, not only does it remove hair but it also reduces the rate at which hair grows back. This is quite the thing as it will drastically reduce how often you have to repeat the process.

Advantages: It is an all natural method of hair removal that only requires basic grocery items such as lemon and sugar. It is very safe to use and its effects also last a pretty long time. This type of hair removal method is also good for the environment. It produces absolutely zero waste and is non-toxic.

How to use it: In order to get the best possible results, we recommend going to a professional who is thoroughly familiar with the whole process. If you want to do it by yourself however, simply mix up lemon juice with sugar and water and use a waxing strip to apply it on the skin. Let it settle for a few minutes and then pull off the strip.

How long will it last: As we have previously mentioned, one of the best things about this method of hair removal is that it only gets rid of hair effectively but it also possesses the potential to reduce the rate at which the hair will grow back. It is normally advised to keep sugaring sessions about four to five weeks apart. When you sugar regularly, you will find that not only are you removing unwanted hair but that you are also experiencing better and more glowing skin. This all natural method of removing hair also does not lead to ingrown hair. Sugaring has often been described as being like giving your skin a facial. It is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before you engage in any kind of strenuous physical activity or to step out into the sun.

With these methods you can remove the base of the hair. It takes a week for the hair to grow and when it is done, it is usually softer and thinner than before. The nice thing is that the plant organ removal allows you to enjoy smooth skin for up to 4 months – for a while.

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