Body Fat and Ideal Weight 300x158 - Body Fat Percentage

This fitness calculator is designed to give you an estimate of three fitness metrics. Aside from the body fat percentage calculator, this tool can also calculate your ideal body weight and body mass index.

Keep in mind that although these metrics are obtained using well-known formulas, they are not as accurate as some machines out there.

  • Ideal Body Weight

    You can use this metric if you want to know what your ideal body weight should be based on your height. Generally, a taller person is heavier than a shorter person of the same body fat composition. There are many formulas that try to estimate ideal body weight. Our calculator below gives the estimate based on the DR Formula and the WHO formula.

  • Body Fat Percentage (%)

    You can use the calculator below to find out your body fat percentage. The US Navy method is used to estimate this. You input your height, neck girth, waist girth, and hips girth, and you get an estimate of your body fat %. Note that this method is not entirely accurate compared to the physical body fat percentage machines. It will, however, give you a good estimate.

    Here’s a chart to tell you where you belong based on your body fat %.

    Body fat chart 300x156 - Body Fat Percentage

    As a male myself, I would generally aim for the Fitness range which is 14 to 17%. Only very few men can achieve the athlete range of 6-13% body fat – it takes a lot of hard work and determination. And since not everyone is Michael Phelps, a practical goal for body fat percentage for the normal human would be anywhere within the fitness range in the chart above.

  • Body Mass Index

    Body Mass Index is a standard measure of a person’s combined body fat, muscle, and bone mass. It tells you if your weight is healthy with respect to your height.

    Click the three blue links at the top of the calculator widget below to switch between the three metrics.