Best Brain Exercise Apps for Young Entrepreneurs – 2019

Imagine you’re using your mobile or laptop for 5-8 hours nonstop and suddenly your father or mother enters in your home. What will he or she say? Obviously, that dear son, don’t use sit on mobile or laptop for so long because it will ruin your eyesight and can damage your brain as well. But wait…would you believe it if I tell you that there are some mobile and laptop applications which can help you train your brain? 

Yes, you heard it right. In the world of depression and anxiety due to overuse of devices, there still are some apps which will exercise your brain. There are a number of apps that test your mental skills like memory skills, focus, and IQ skills etc. 

Several brain exercise apps are available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. But we have done the hard work and have listed down the best apps for you in this guide. 

Elevate – free 

Elevate was selected as the App of the year by Apple. Elevate uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to genially interact with your brain. It acts as a person. The more you use it, the more it knows you and responds accordingly. It determines your goal and some sort of personalized exercises based on how you interact with the app. 

You will come across some sort of genius mini-games and exercises to improve your memory, to stay focused, and to exercise your reading and writing skills and more. The best thing about it is that the app never disappoints you. It keeps you up with itself and thus is more enjoyable. 

To check the effect of Elevate, California State University conducted researched and results showed that 70% of the Elevate users improved key skills over the period of 4-5 weeks. 

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A number of companies have developed a number of apps for brain exercise, but many have failed. The reason for failure is that the developers who developed the apps weren’t aware of essential psychology facts. They didn’t know what humans need to exercise their brains, so the apps failed to achieve the goal. 

Well, Happify tried and succeed. It succeeded because along with developers, psychologists were part of the team in making Happify. Psychologists with their years of experience had given the tips to the developers to what things to keep in mind while developing an app that is rather purely for the efficiency of the human brain. 

The app keeps track of your emotions as you use it. With the passage of your time, you will yourself know your emotional intelligence through the app. This is one of the best brain exercise app for young entrepreneurs. 

Remember that this app is no God, so you will encounter hard days with it but eventually, this app will turn out to remove negative wiring from your mind and will build positive networks in your brain. 

You see that once a human is addicted to something, it takes so long to overcome the habit, but Happify makes your journey of turning into a stress-free human so easily and quick. 

The results can be true or false because they are coming from you. The more efficiently you use it, the more easily and quickly you will be a depression-free person. 

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The following three apps are also honorable mentions:


A password-free app that has 23 different cognitive skills to provide you the variety of results to help you exercise your brain more easily and efficiently. 

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This is a high-intensity interval training app. It takes you for short bursts and gives lots of energy and quick results. It helps you take breaks and is one of the more entertaining apps that you will ever use. 

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If you think learning a new language is a hard endeavor, stop thinking that way. Because Duolingo makes you learn a new language easily. It offers lots of fun and entertaining quizzes and games in 32 different languages to improve your Brain IQ. This app behaves like a private pocket tutor. 

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Conclusively, we have reviewed the top 5 best brain exercise apps for young entrepreneurs. Among those, the first two (2) are the best ones to start with because they are developed with the help of psychologists. 

So download, live a happy life, and live stronger! 

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