Benefits of Green Tea – The Super Beverage (Infographic)

Green tea is produced using Camellia Sinensis leaves and it first originated in China. The distinction between green tea and black and oolong teas is that green tea leaves do not go through fermentation and oxidation like black and oolong tea.

Moreover, It is usually joined with flavor added substances, for example, jasmine blooms, orange strips, and tropical or dried organic products. With such numerous flavors and varieties to choose from, green tea has turned out to be a standout amongst the most well-known forms of teas expended in the United States. In fact, it is one of the main three most well-known tea forms in the world, with 1.7 tons of green tea manufactured every year.

Green tea provides a great variety of medical advantages in addition to being a flavourful and refreshing beverage. That is the reason it’s been utilized for quite a long time in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. Udyan Tea has outlined the complete benefits of green tea to show why you should start drinking green tea right now!

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Reduces Cholesterol

Certain components in green tea have been appeared to decrease levels of LDL cholesterol, or the bad cholesterol, improving the general cholesterol ratio. Numerous researchers recently found that similar natural ingredients found in green tea are in charge of the lower instances of heart disease among the French in spite of their smoking habits and diet wealthy in fats.

Maintains Skin Health

Green tea can help in diminishing free-radical harm to the skin, while its calming properties help diminish the harm brought about by ecological elements, including sun harm. Additionally, it even relieves psoriasis by decreasing irritation.

Improves Heart Health

Green tea has additionally appeared to drastically expand the antioxidants capacity of blood – which, ultimately, shields the heart from reactive oxygen species and avoids heart attacks. In fact, green tea consumers were found to have a 31% lower danger of heart diseases.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Studies have expressed that individuals who drank green tea had better oral health than the individuals who didn’t. Another study says that the tea lessens irritation and limits the development of specific bacteria that can lead to periodontal infections, tooth decay being one of them. Green tea also prevents tooth decay by restricting the advancement of bacterial plaque.

Boosts Immunity

The catechins in green tea play an important role in boosting your immune capacity. The tea secures against oxidants and radicals, in this way improving immunity. The EGCG in green tea can expand the quantity of regulatory T-cells and these can help improve the immune system and destroy immune system infections.

Other Facts About Green Tea

It is caffeine which gives green tea its trademark taste, sharpness and stimulating effect. Green tea is likewise wealthy in a group of chemicals, called polyphenols. These polyphenols incorporate flavanols, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. Tannins are additionally a kind of polyphenol that adds to the unpleasant taste and astringency in tea. The major polyphenols of green tea incorporate flavonoids known as catechin, for example, epicatechin, epicatechin 3 gallate (ECG), and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These flavonoids are ground-breaking cell reinforcements and together with some amino acids like thiamine, are in charge of the strong taste found in green tea.

The infographic below summarizes the numerous benefits of green tea and explains why it is one of the healthiest beverages in existence today.

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