Beef, Pork, Chicken or Fish: Which meat is the healthiest?

As humans, there are way too many things we take for granted. One of them is our throne in the food chain. Being at the top of the food chain allows us to eat whatever we want, including animals of course.  Accordingly, we love eating animals and it’s really hard to imagine a complete meal without a piece of delicious meat in it.

Some of us take pride in a medium-well beef steak while others would rather enjoy a piece of lean chicken breast. Regardless of what our favorite meat is, the point is we love meat too much and practically cannot do without it.

However, meat has recently earned a bad reputation when it comes to health. Studies have shown that high amounts of meat consumption may have adverse effects on blood pressure and cholesterol. People are becoming more conscious when it comes to eating meat. Due to this, it makes sense that people want to stick to eating the healthier meats as much as possible. The question is, which meat is the healthiest?

In our quest to determine the healthiest meat among the four (4) most consumed meats across the globe: beef, pork, chicken, and fish, we compared the calories, protein, fat, sodium and cholesterol content found in 100g of each of these meats.

Here’s an infographic comparing the nutrition content of beef, pork, chicken, and fish.

Meat nutrition facts infographic2 - Beef, Pork, Chicken or Fish: Which meat is the healthiest?

As you can notice from the chart, the nutritional numbers of the meats are pretty close to each other. Well, that’s because they’re all types of meat. The small differences in these numbers can make a huge difference in our health since we consume them all our lives.

Beef has the highest amount of calories, fat, and cholesterol among the four. It also comes in second on the sodium chart and third on the protein chart. While these numbers may sound great for bodybuilding and bulking, they’re not that great for health. I’m not saying you should stop eating beef, but instead limit your intake and balance it with other foods. After all, beef is a delicious and convenient source of protein.

The numbers for Pork are also pretty similar to that of beef, so is its impact on health. Although pork provides a good amount of protein, it can be fatty. In fact, it has been proven that eating too much pork increases the chance of heart disease. Both pork and beef are types of red meat so they’re naturally heavier on the body. It is best to limit intake of red meat but not completely since red meat is also an excellent source of iron and zinc.

Now let’s move on to the white meats, chicken, and fish. Both chicken and fish are lean meats which makes them healthier than pork and beef. For optimal health, your go-to meat option should be chicken or fish and you can opt for red meat 1 to 2 times a week.

The Winner

But what if you had to choose one meat, which would that be?

If you look closely, fish has the lowest amount of calories, sodium and cholesterol and the second lowest amount of fat. This makes fish very lean and light. Despite being light, the average fish still packs on 22g of protein per 100g. I think the answer should be clear by now – Fish is the healthiest meat of em’ all!

The health benefits of fish go a long way. This white meat is highly beneficial for your brain, bones, muscles, skin, and even your hair. Fish is an excellent brain food and it is one of the healthiest superfoods too. Fish is mainly powered by the high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and Protein in it.

If you decided to live your life eating only one kind of meat, Fish would definitely be the healthiest option. 🙂

Let us know in the comments which of these 4 types of meat is your favorite!

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