Armpit Hair Removal – Which Method to Choose For Smooth Skin?

Unwanted hair from the body can be a real problem for both men and women. There are different methods available based on what you are looking for. Some want a fast and non-painful removal of their armpit hair, while others seek for permanent results. You can choose between using tweezers, shaving the armpits with a razor, or waxing. Discover all the techniques available to eliminate unwanted hair.

What is the best method to remove armpit hair?

You don’t know which method to choose for removing unwanted hair from your armpit. Continue reading about the different methods which you can use:


It is a technique used by very few women because it is long and painful. It is suitable for women who have very little hair. The glands are not damaged because the tweezers go to act on the individual hair. Wash your armpits and dry them with a towel and then proceed with the elimination of unwanted hair.


Removing the unwanted hair from the armpits with a razor is certainly the most used technique because it is fast and painless. The razor does not cause any discomfort to the axillary glands. Wash your armpits well, then apply a little shaving foam. This will make the hair softer and shaving becomes much easier. The razor or razor blade must be passed both from the bottom upwards and in the opposite direction, in this way the armpits will be smoother. Then gently apply a little post-epilating cream once done with removing all the unwanted hair from your armpits. This plays an important role as it has a refreshing action and rehydrates the axillary area.

Depilatory cream

It is a painless method, but not that fast compared to shaving the unwanted hair from the armpits with a razor because after putting the depilatory cream you need to leave it for a couple of minutes to do its work. It is a cream that destroys the hair fiber. Remove the cream with the spatula, in the opposite direction to that of hair regrowth, then rinse the depilated area carefully and dry gently. Apply a soothing cream based on zinc oxide. With the cream, the only disadvantage is the stench of the depilatory cream and it is not as fast as the razor.


It is the most traumatic technique for armpits, as the glands can become inflamed. It is not easy to do it at home alone, if you are not an expert, rely on a specialized center or a very good beautician. You can use either hot waxing, ready-made depilator strips or Arab waxing, which is much more delicate than normal.

The armpits should be washed before depilation, then they should be dried before putting some talcum powder. Remove the excess talcum powder before applying hot wax. Use the strips only in very small areas in order not to traumatize the skin.

As soon as you are finished, use a cream with zinc oxide to reduce redness, you can also mix zinc oxide with extra virgin olive oil. Two days before waxing, perform a scrub to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin, thus avoiding the regrowth of annoying ingrown hair. The waxing must contain soothing and emollient substances, especially for the axillary area. The advantage of waxing is that the hair takes longer to grow back, while the disadvantage of waxing is that it is a more painful method compared to other methods mentioned above. It also has additional costs if you cannot do it at home alone.

Laser hair removal

It is a very effective method and the most durable one. Even though it is a painless method, it will take a couple of seasons before you notice that the unwanted hair from the armpits will disappear completely. Laser hair removal is a very safe treatment if it is done by experts and by the rules. The laser penetrates only a few millimeters into the skin so it does not compromise the glandular structures that are located much deeper. In short, laser hair removal can be done on all parts of the body, including the armpit area. This method has the disadvantage of having a high cost. Most patients will have a few light underarm hairs after treatment, but they will be soft and thin. Some patients with dark, rough underarm hair may need additional treatment once or twice a year.

Four weeks before and after laser epilation it is not allowed to bleach armpit hair, pull it with tweezers or wax the armpit area.

Can laser treatments resolve the excessive sweating problem? A lot of people besides having a lot of hair on the armpits, also have problems with excessive sweating which is absolutely unwanted, especially during the hot summer months. Laser hair removal can help you get rid of unwanted hair from the armpits permanently, but it can not help you resolve the problem with excessive sweating. However, with Botox injections, you can resolve your excessive sweating problem in about 95% of cases.

In conclusion, unwanted hair is a big problem for both women and men, especially in certain areas like the armpit area. Luckily, there are various methods that can help you get rid of the unwanted hair of the body. Some of these methods are temporary and can be performed at home on your own, while others require a professional and a visit to an aesthetic clinic. If you want to get rid of armpit hair permanently make sure to give us a call and we will gladly assist and answer all your questions regarding armpit hair removal with laser.

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