All About Total Gym Cost Differences: A Review

The Total Gym is a one-of-a kind home gym line that is quite popular with thousands of people across the globe. What makes it different is its use of gravity along with your bodyweight to create a smooth, low-impact workout while still technically moving “weight” around to get a good burn.

Their models use a glide board as its base that allows for many different movements and exercises, paired with their cables that are attached to different points of the machine. You will often see Total Gym equipment in physical rehabilitation clinics because they don’t put pressure or wear & tear on your joints, back, knees, and ankles. This is great if you have a chronic injury or constant pain and have trouble sticking to an exercise routine without feeling the negative effects the next day.

We also recommend this brand for older folks who are looking to get back in the workout game and stay active without doing damage to their body/health. Personally, I have herniated discs in my back and lifting weights, especially overhead like squats, etc., put me in an uncomfortable amount of pain for the rest of the week. My back tenses up, it’s hard to get comfortable at night let alone during a workout, and I am scared to pull it even more. My saving grace has been the Total Gym GTS, but read below for the differences in each machine.

Luckily all these machines allow you to target every major muscle group, as well as the smaller muscles too. Attachments, some included and some an add-on expense, will make for even more room to vary up your daily exercises and muscle targets. One of the most popular attachments is the AbCrunch, but we will get into all of that down below.

Total Gym has been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years and packs a great reputation along with reliable machines that will last you for years down the line. Total Gyms come in different prices, shapes, sizes, and models for you to choose from. The price of the machine will differ depending on the features included in it and how new the model is. Look below for more details on each model, their specs and features, and what attachments and accessories might be included.

Total Gym XLS

The XLS is a great machine for everyone working from home. It has multiple levels of resistance and over 80 different exercises for you to choose from. The XLS will help you increase your fitness levels without investing in new and expensive equipment because of its ability to work with your fitness progress and achievements.

The machine is easy to set up and store, and has many attachments included with the product. It comes with a 400-pound user weight capacity. The machine comes fully assembled, and you only have to take it out of the package to start using it. The price of the Total Gym XLS is $995.50.

Total Gym GTS

The Total Gym GTS is ideal for strength training, cardio workouts, as well as flexibility training. The GTS is a home gym that will last a lifetime and let you improve your overall fitness levels quite effectively. It has over 200 different workouts for you to choose from. There are 22 levels of resistance and many attachments included with the product.

There are automatic rail rocks for explosive plyometric jumping. The machine has a 650-pound user weight capacity. Easy setup and storing are the other benefits of this machine. An illustrated exercise reference chart is also included with the product. The Total Gym GTS is priced at $3,795.00.

Total Gym Fit

Are you searching for a fitness machine with the best ad-blasting capability on the market? If so, you don’t have to look further than the Total Gym Fit. In fact, the Total Gym Fit will burn your abdominal fat much faster than any other machine out there. It has 12 levels of resistance and more than 85 exercises for you to choose from.

The machine includes an ad cruncher, leg pull attachment, squat stand, and a two-piece wing attachment. No set up is required, and it’s easy to store the machine. It has a 450-pound user weight capacity. The auto-lock height adjustment system is another salient feature of the machine. The product also includes Total Gym Workout Tools for your convenience. The price of the machine is around $1,599.95.

Total Gym Supreme

The Total Gym Supreme comes with 12 levels of resistance and 60 different exercises. The machine will arrive fully assembled and is easy to store. You should invest in the machine for a full-body tone up and improve your fitness levels quickly. This is the cheapest machine in the Total Gym line of products. It costs only $599.70.

The aforementioned article provides information on the price differences of the Total Gym models, along with each models’ specs, workout and resistance options, and specialties. Many of the users we come across have been using their machines for over 5 years! It’s common for people to get bored with their at-home gym equipment, and Total Gym has solved that problem, too.

Note: All prices stated above are accurate as of the article publication date. This article is not sponsored by Total Gym in any way.

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