How Adequate Amount of Iron Could Help You Lose Weight

As one of the micronutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body, Iron though required in small quantities by the body plays significant roles in various essential activities of the body. This mineral is popularly known for its role in helping the body make hemoglobin, thus facilitating the active transport of oxygen throughout the body.

However, the function of this microelement is not limited to its role in the red blood cell; it is also an important part of many enzymes as well as help initiates and boosts many important biological processes in our body. Inadequate level of iron in the body could result in a medical condition called anemia which is characterized by a lack of red blood cells in the body.

How Adequate Amount of Iron Could Help You Lose Weight Iron - How Adequate Amount of Iron Could Help You Lose Weight

When you have an inadequate level of iron in your blood, the level of oxygen the body is able to transport also drops because there will no longer be enough oxygen-carrying red blood cells which could result in fatigue affecting not only the brain but other vital organs as well as the immune system. Shortage of iron in the body of pregnant women can also be especially dangerous as it can have an effect on the size or the time of the child’s delivery.

However, in the recent years, there has also been a link found to exist between iron levels in the body and how much we are able to lose weight. The levels of iron in our body do, in one way or the other, affects how easy losing weight could be to us. Bellow are few ways by which having enough iron in your body could affect your body’s metabolism and help you lose weight.

1. More Iron Levels Speeds Up Metabolism

Low levels of iron could influence the development of certain genes in the muscles and in the liver which influences increased sugar levels and fat storage. This, in turn, reduces metabolism and enhances weight gain. To burn fat, enough oxygen is needed and if the iron level is low, then the body will find it difficult to oxidize fat properly. So the only way to revert this is to boost the levels of iron in the body to encourage effective weight loss.

2. More Iron Means Less Cravings

How Adequate Amount of Iron Could Help You Lose Weight cravings burger - How Adequate Amount of Iron Could Help You Lose WeightSwollen mouth or loss of appetite is actually not the only complications that come with anemia, the condition could also cause cravings for some unhealthy foods. People suffering from anemia can go on to eat a lot of junk foods that are obviously not a friend to weight loss. But an increase in the levels of iron could help put cravings for junk foods in check.

3. Higher Iron Levels Also Means More Exercise

How Adequate Amount of Iron Could Help You Lose Weight exercise - How Adequate Amount of Iron Could Help You Lose Weight

Exercise is important in helping you burn more calories. However, lack of iron often results in fatigue which causes you to eat less. When your energy level is low as a result of anemia, it becomes harder to exercise and stay physically active. More exercise simply means more calories burnt and thus helps in losing a significant amount of your weight.

However, when you are looking to shed some pounds but have also discovered you are having a reduced level of iron, there are few ways you can get yourself back on track:

  • Eat iron

Perhaps the most important immediate next line of action is that you begin to improve your iron status. You need to consume food and supplements that can help boost the iron in your blood cells. There are some foods that are quite rich in iron and can be quite beneficial in this regard. A good example of such food is red meat, especially liver. Liver is an incredible source of iron and consuming it can help boost stamina and reduce fatigue.

  • Exercise more
  • Take iron supplements

Using these tips, you can certainly get your iron levels back on track to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently!

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