A Primer for a Physically and Mentally Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is key to stay fit, energized and minimize the risk of getting affected by diseases. It depends on the routine you do on a daily basis.

  • Quality nutrition
  • Regular exercise
  • Adequate sleep 

These three things play a vital role in keeping you fit and healthy. Manage stress in an optimistic way instead of choosing smoking, alcohol consumption to avoid the hormonal impact that is shown on the body. A healthy lifestyle helps to stay away from hospital visits. A sedentary lifestyle can increase cardiac risk and stork. So keep moving and stay active to be more fit and healthy for longer life.

Stay Physically Active

Being physically active plays a major role in staying fit and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate some kind of exercise that keeps you fit both physically and mentally.

Following 3 types of exercises play a major role in improving your overall health and maintain the same.

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Resistance Training
  • Stretching, Flexibility, and Balance

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises play a vital role in improving blood circulation and result in lower blood pressure and eventually a healthy heart. Aerobic exercises also help to avoid the risk of getting diabetes. If you are already suffering from diabetes then adopting these exercise help to control blood glucose.

If aerobic exercises are practiced on a regular basis for a period, the heart gets tuned to word effortlessly and efficiently, in a sense, if you can practice aerobic exercise for longer durations the number of times your heart pumps can be decreased at the same time it can pump more blood in each heartbeat.

Examples of aerobic exercises are:

  • Brisk walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Jumping rope

Benefits of aerobic exercises:

Aerobic exercise can help in:

  • You may feel exhausted at the beginning of the aerobic exercise particularly if you are used to, but with practice, it helps to build your fitness, stamina, and strength.
  • It helps to increase lung capacity, heart capacity and also improves bone and muscle strength over time.
  • It also helps to improve your immune system which is critical to fighting general viral illness
  • Aerobic exercises also help to reduce the risks of getting health issues such as obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes.
  • It can also improve the quality of life in people with chronic health conditions like arthritis.

In short, incorporating aerobic exercises in your life as a regular practice will help to maintain fitness for your healthy lifestyle.

Resistance Training

Resistance training or weight-bearing exercises help to increase muscle strength as the muscle groups tend to work against a weight or some force in this kind of exercise.

Resistance training can be done in four ways depending on the type of weight or force involved in doing so. They include –

  • Using free weights
  • Weight machines
  • Resistance bands
  • Your own body weight

It is important to choose the right type of strength training that matches your physical limits and goals. Always start with lesser weights if you are at a beginner level of training to avoid injuries.

Follow some simple ways to protect your joints to avoid injuries during training activities or in regular activities.

Benefits of Resistance Training:

  • It improves your muscle strength and tone which is important to protect the joints from getting injured.
  • It helps to maintain flexibility and balance over the regular practice.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy body mass and muscle to fat ratio.
  • Improves stamina, mobility also helps to maintain good posture.
  • Improves sense of wellbeing and self-esteem.
  • Perform better in daily activities.

Stretching, Flexibility, and Balance

Flexible training aids to keep the muscles flexible, strong and healthy which are important to keep a healthy range of motion in joints.

Along with your normal exercise routine, it is important to incorporate some sort of stretching, flexibility and balance training in your exercise routine. This will not only improve your overall flexibility at the performance of your actual workout routine but also helps to avoid injuries due to under stretched muscles.

Stretching, Flexibility and Balance training have to be part of an exercise in both Aerobic exercise and Resistance training types of exercises to perform better and avoid injuries while practicing the main workout routine.

Benefits of Stretching, Flexibility and Balance training:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increase the range of motion
  • Helps to increase blood flow the muscles
  • Aids to perform better in physical activities
  • Regular practice can improve posture
  • Body pains like back pain can be prevented with regular practice of certain stretches and yoga poses
  • Works to relieve stress built in the body due to stiff muscles.
  • It helps to relax mentally too.

A healthy diet leads to a healthy body and mind

Nutrition is fuel for the body and mind. What you eat defines your fitness and mindfulness. Healthy diet habits give positive vibes and keep you stay fit for longer as you age. Balanced nutrition is necessary to maintain a healthy fitness.

Avoid a diet that is rich in carbs and saturates fats, and include fiber and protein-rich foods into your diet to stay healthy and fit. Ideally, your first meal of the day should be high in nutrition. While are sleeping at night, your body consumes all the nutrients that you have taken in your last meal of the day. So when you get up in the morning your body needs more nutrients to battle the activities in your activities.

It doesn’t mean that you scarify all your favorite foods.  You can snack as per your liking when you feel like having some fun and off the regular routine. But make sure you train little more to shed off those extra calories gained in the next session that you do.

Good habits keep you on track for longer

Try to include good habits and hobbies that add positive fuel to your overall health and fitness. Positive habits give positive energy and motive to stay on track long in your life. Some points to note are –

  • Quit smoking
  • Limit the intake of alcohol if you used to take
  • Spend time on any hobbies that you like
  • Make a habit of reading some feel-good stuff to keep motivating

Things will work if you are willing to be so, fulfillment and happiness come within. You see what you feel.

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