8 Yoga Poses for Building Muscles

All sorts of yoga poses can be used to build lean muscle. In this article, we look at 8 of the best. Anyone can give them a go.

Are you under the impression that you only need to lift weights to build muscle? If you’re thinking, “but what is yoga going to do for me?”, you’d be surprised. You can indeed achieve lean muscle with a good yoga workout. Let’s find out more.

Yoga Builds Muscle

Before we dive into different poses, let’s consider why yoga can help one get strong. When you give it a go, you’re lifting your body weight instead of weights. The positions help your muscles get strong and lean. Any tension crested creates tears that heal and repair, resulting in strong muscles. Let’s look at some great poses that you can adopt.

1. Downward Dog

Why do yoga if you’re not able to fully warm-up? Starting with easy warm-up poses is what you need, and this basic yoga position will engage the entire core. You’ll see that it’s an easy position that makes all the difference.

2. The Surya Namaskar

Harness the breath and let the soul sing with your muscle growth. Over time this pose will bring vitality whilst giving your body a great shape. The torso and limbs are stretched in ways that make them tense and have you feeling both refreshed and mindful.

3. Virabhadrasana or Warrior One Pose

This pose known as the asana has a bit of history. It was carried out to commemorate great Hindu folklore warriors. How cool is that! It’s a pose that is a good idea holding for at least half a minute, plus it can build some serious strength in the lungs, chest, and stomach areas.

4. Headstand

Nearing the end, try out doing a headstand. Just make sure you have a strong enough core at first because dropping on your head isn’t something to be desired! You can leave playing the as slot machines for a moment and get practicing. Sooner or later, you’ll be doing funky things like watching TV standing on your head.

5. The Bridge Pose

This is a wonderful pose that is known at the bandhasana or bridge, given the shape one assumes. If you ever experience muscle spasms and you want to know how to stop muscle spasms, do not try it on a full stomach. Any digested food will release energy in your body. This technique can be held between 30 seconds and a minute. You’ll find this a super useful and effective way of building abs muscles.

6. The Cobra

This one makes people look like scary snakes! It’s best done when you’ve got clean bowels, and if you’re going to eat, do rest for at least 6 hours before giving it a go. Anyone, even complete beginners, can try it out. It improves one’s flexibility and builds up muscles, plus it brings wonders to someone’s psyche and mood.

7. Bakasana

This pose, most commonly known as the crow, requires a bit of preparation and is one of those yoga poses that is not for the faint-hearted. Repetitions of 30 seconds at a time are great, just make sure you stretch the lower back thoroughly before and after.

8.  The Triangle Pose

This is known as the triangle pose and is ideal for building strength in the obliques and shoulders. Your posterior will get a great tone too. It’s an excellent pose, for yoga meaning it can be completed during the day or night. Anyone under the sun can perform this procedure, even beginners. A word of warning, make sure that you hold these poses while being on an empty stomach, otherwise, you’ll feel a bit sick.

Yoga Poses Forever!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll incorporate some of these poses in your daily routine today. They’re all great for the body and the mind too. Always go easy with the holds if you’re a beginner at first and know what to eat to gain muscle.

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