8 Exercises to Do Without Any Equipment

Looking to work on your arms, legs, butt, core or all of the above at home? Here are some best equipment-free exercises. If you ever skipped your workout because you were busy, or couldn’t go to gym, or even if you just want a boost of cardio. These are some exercises for everyone to keep in their back pocket.

  • Push-up

Push-ups are one of the most effective body-weight exercises. “Primarily, this move will target your chest, triceps, and your anterior deltoid muscles (the front of your shoulders). It also seriously works for your core. Plus, there’s something that just feels right about working on push-ups and seeing yourself improve over time.

  • Air Swimming

This is one of the best workouts because of how it strengthens the postural muscles. In other words, it’s excellent for targeting your posterior chain (or the backside of your body), and that’s very important to improve posture, preventing back pain, and making sure you have a balanced strength. This is a major key to overall health both in and out of a gym.

  • Bulgarian split squat

A Bulgarian split squat isn’t technically a zero-equipment move; they can still be done pretty much anywhere, anytime. It can be performed with any lifted surface, like a, bench, cough, small table, or even an airport chair and it activates many muscle groups. The move is a major lower body burner you’ll feel it in your quads, gluts, inner thighs, hamstrings, and even your calves.

  • Forearm Side Plank With Twist

No core workout will be complete without side work. A side plank alone is challenging, and the twist adds a little extra oomph (the quality of being energetic). It’s a total-body exercise that helps sculpt, shoulders, toned arms and legs as well. Stay up: The straight-arm plank is very difficult as compared to elbow plank, so if you’re finding that you need more of a challenge as you hang out on your forearms, focus on practicing the plank just on your hand.

  • Diamond push-ups

Diamond push ups make the back of your arms (triceps) seriously work, while the push-up position (basically a moving plank) still challenges your core. Normal push-ups are a simple way to target your pectoral muscles, but with a slight change in your hand position, you change the exercise’s target altogether. Diamond push-ups, also known as close-grip push-ups, are the best strengthening exercise for your triceps according to the American Council on Exercise.

  • Lateral plank walk

The whole core is challenged in this exercise to keep everything in motion and maintain stability. First, the arms are challenged by the position and then the movement side to side. This move will challenge your core, shape your shoulders, and define your deltoids.

  • Squats

The squat is one of the best exercises you can do. It’s easy to progress on but you can move to more difficult versions over time. It is important to perfect your form for best results. Squats helps us to build leg muscles (including hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves), but they also create an anabolic environment, which promotes overall muscle building in the whole body.

  • Walking Lunges

Lunges are great for building thigh muscles. Walking lunges are the most effective and healthiest way for someone to work out their lower body. They effectively target a person’s quads, calves, hamstrings, outer thighs, outer hips, and gluts.

The aforementioned exercises are some but you should do these exercises under the observation of professional fitness trainers. If you are looking for fitness trainers to get trained at your home? you can visit the Fitsapp website and book a session.

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