7 Ways To Inspire Your Partner To Work Out

Keeping a healthy lifestyle might be troublesome for many people due to acquired behaviors, lack of time, disinterest in exercises and sports, etc. However, it is essential. If you feel like your significant other can’t seem to realize that on their own, you can give them a little push with the seven healthy lifestyle tips you will find here. If these tips work and after that, you need great ideas for things to do together, you can find them through the apps reviewed on Dating Ranking.

Become A Role Model For Them

It is hard to convince someone to do something out of their comfort zone if they don’t see someone doing that too, especially the person trying to convince them. If you are physically active, the odds that your partner might become interested in living a healthy lifestyle become higher. Now, if you are not, perhaps it is time you should begin. That way, you two will have something more to do together while keeping your body and mind healthy.

Be Gentle When Inviting For Activities

The best way to invite your partner to do something different is to be gentle and casual about it. For example, a nice walk after dinner might be the right start for a healthier life. If your schedule is tight, walking can turn into regular activity and be all that you both need to become a bit healthier. You can also invite your spouse for bicycle rides if possible, or even go to the gym for a couple of activities. That is how to live a healthy lifestyle without pressure.

Exercising Can Be Fun

One of the reasons people don’t want to exercise is that they think it is not much fun. They are so caught up in the tangle of their routines that they don’t realize it can be a lot of fun to ride a bicycle, play basketball, swim, or simply take a walk in the park. Healthy lifestyle habits don’t mean only going to a gym and lifting weights, and you can show that to your loved one.

If You Are Worried About Their Health, Be Honest

Maybe all you want is to have your partner doing a physical activity with you, but perhaps you might be worried about their health. If that is the case, you should be open about it and discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle. If your husband or wife is a little overweight, or if you notice they are suffering from the lack of physical activity through other symptoms, you should talk about it and offer a solution.

Talk About The Benefits Of Exercising

Exercising has a lot of benefits other than contributing directly to your body feeling better. For one, it impacts your mental health. After all, the “mind” isn’t something ethereal, but it is the brain, which is a part of the body. Taking care of the body as a whole makes each tiny part of it work better. Thus, exercising helps think better, not falling into depression, dealing with anxiety, etc. Since you both are partners and have a sexual life, you can also remind them that exercises increase libido and improve sexual performance. Maybe that will do the trick as a healthy lifestyle motivation.

Help Them Remember About Their Long-Term Dreams

Perhaps both you and your partner have dreams that you want to fulfill in all stages of life. Keeping healthy is the best way to make sure those dreams will come true. If those dreams include traveling to many countries and tasting lots of different food from diverse cultures, staying healthy is necessary. Even if the long-term plan is to simply watch your kids and grandkids grow, exercising will help you get there.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Once you and your husband or wife are taking exercising seriously (be it by going to the gym or taking regular walks), remember to celebrate this change in your lifestyle. For example, if you two usually have little time for a date night, you can do your best to arrange one night and commemorate the fact that you are now a healthier couple. You can set up goals for the long term and reward yourselves once you reach each goal. A reward might be a trip, something new for the house, a new thing that either of you wanted or needed for a long time. It can be any other thing too, of course. You can use your imagination and figure out what works as the perfect healthy lifestyle motivation.


Changing your or your partner’s lifestyle can be done if you put in the effort and do the right things. Once you two start exercising together, you will see an improvement both in your health and your relationship. If you would like to suggest or ask anything, feel free to leave a comment.

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