7 Ways Anyone Can Look More Attractive

Just like you and me, every single person desires to look good. This is possibly for turning those heads in a gathering, securing a good job or winning the heart of your soul mate. Regardless of the reason, it is not only the looks that make an individual more endearing but some other traits can do the trick as well. Science has proved that some attributes like self-confidence, believing in oneself and optimism can add to the attractiveness of a person.

Let me tell you some more science-backed ways through which anyone can enhance his/her attractiveness:  

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Be Confident: It makes you highly Sought-After

Needless to say, confidence is attractive as it can easily draw the attention of others around you. Without a doubt, we want to be with confident people. Pondering why? This is mainly because confident people have the courage to beat what life is throwing at them and to combat the difficult situations. So, by surrounding yourself with them, you can also catch their vibes and have the same spirit.     

You can establish self-esteem and confidence by drawing attention to, how to improve yourself in the best possible way. For some Individuals, perhaps, it means to join a fitness center. For others, it might be having the company of positive mates. In fact, strengthening positive bonds with others can be confidence-boosting.  

Craig Malki, a psychologist from Harvard, relinquished that confidence allows us to appear more reliable. And, reliability can effortlessly increase your sales (in case you are a seller) and/or even win the hearts of others.  

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Do Exercise: It boosts Confidence

It may appear dreadful to you but exercising can play a integral role to help you become more alluring. Not only it allows you to get in shape physically but it contributes to the release of endorphins in blood that improve mood.  

People who participated in exercise stated; a boost in confidence as per a University of Turku’s study conducted in 2015.

An expert of etiquette and relationship April Masini professed that a great way to feel more attractive is doing exercise.

Exercising can also correct your posture and the right posture also contributes to making you more attractive. A right posture, in fact, creates balance, flexibility as well as strength in your body. 

A health and wellness expert, Dr. Liza Egbogah says; that right posture is capable of boosting your attractiveness to potential mates, thus can aid in the making of romantic attraction in couples.

A good posture can enhance the testosterone levels even, if maintained for a short time period as per the findings of a study. The hormone testosterone has an association with confidence.  Some effective exercises for having a good posture can be a high plank, chest opener, forward fold, cat-cow and child’s pose etc.  

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Take Care of Yourself: It enhances your beauty   

Taking care of your own self is really pleasing and rewarding. What is more, is that it can contribute to making you look more attractive.  For the most part, take care of your skin to maintain its youthfulness and smoothness. A chief factor in overall attractiveness is smooth skin according to a study that the National Institute of Health (NIH) published.  

However, you do not primarily need to use a lot of pricey beauty products or go to salons for facial treatments. Instead, you can achieve a healthy and smooth skin by paying attention to what you eat. As far as your diet is concerned, adding the substantial natural foods and restricting refined carbohydrates is advisable. Moreover, maintaining hydration and being physically active also ensure good health of the skin.  

Apart from that, your teeth also require your attention. They are the first thing that others notice every time when you open your mouth for talking, laughing and smiling. Therefore, keep them clean and make effort to maintain their whiteness.

Another thing that you can add to your self-care routine is self-massage. It is an excellent way to feel good and happier. It increases the suppleness of your skin additionally, thus, makes you more attractive. You can do it by using some essential oils i.e., lavender oil, tea-tree oil, jojoba oil etc. or good quality moisturizers too.  

What else to look for, when it comes to self-care is keeping your nails clean? No one would like to even come closer to you if your nails are dirty. Last but not the least, your hair also demands care and nourishment. To fulfill their demand, keep them clean and invest in some good quality hair masks, serums and oils as well. 

As a whole, it will be worth to have some me-time. So, go for it.

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Smile Wide: It increases attractiveness

Universally, smiling signals attractiveness, warmth, and approachability. But how it works?

In order to find the linkage between smiling and attractiveness, investigators in Switzerland made an examination. The findings revealed that a face looks more attractive with a stronger smile. As a matter of fact, expressing happiness by smiling can compensate relative unattractiveness.

At the University of Cardiff in Wales, the researchers studied the way; facial expressions can put an impact on the mood of a person in 2009. Based on the evidence they found, they suggested that individuals feel happier who smile more often. 

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Have A Good Sense of Humor: Its highly appealing

For both sexes, humor is one of the important markers, however, it has a bit higher rate for females.  

It is capable of reinforcing a relationship. wondering how? This is because when you laugh, you develop a positive association with the other person and this phenomenon is known as conditioning.

You can even let your love life bloom by incorporating a good sense of humor. 

The University of Kansas has conducted a study in 2015 to find, if there was an increased attraction in lovers due to laughing together. This study included fifty couples. The findings revealed that the interest of female increased in the male due to having frequent funny talks and laughs.    

In addition to this, the couples reported increased attraction level, who laughed together more often. 

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Lose Extra Weight: Its attention-grabbing

Indeed, shedding some additional pounds can make you look more attractive.

Females can accurately determine the BMI of males just by looking at the fat’s amount they have on their face as per a study in Social Psychological & Personality Science’s Journal.

Rendering to the same study, men who lose around 2.59 kg/ (height squared) appear more attractive to females. Did not get that? In simple words, flabby males require losing about 8.2kg to grab the attention of females.

To serve the purpose of losing weight, you can implement a daily fitness routine. Engage in some daily physical activity, no matter if it is something you are doing at home or outside. In addition to this, you need to take your diet into consideration. Having a well-balanced diet and consuming the adequate amount of water is one of the key steps, to effectively and healthily lose weight.

Aside from this, you can also use Marijuana for weight loss. Did it shock you? Well, science has proven the benefits of marijuana for weight loss.  You can also buy shatter and marijuana edibles online from here.

The consumption of marijuana on a regular basis contributed to smaller waist circumference and lower levels fasting insulin as per the explanation of The American Journal of Medicine

Besides, the American Journal of Epidemiology published a report in 2011 with regard to smoking marijuana and reduction in weight. It claimed that there were around one-third lower rates of obesity among subjects, who consumed marijuana on a regular basis in comparison to those, who did not consume it.

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Wear Red Color: Its eye-catching and sexually appealing

The red color comes with huge versatility for us. Not only is it a representation of lust and sex but of prestige and power as well.

Wearing red can inevitably make females look more attractive to males, as per a study conducted by the University of Rochester. Adding to it, males were more likely to accompany females wearing a red dress than those, who wore some other color.

It is not only the males who find red attractive but females also. Elliot and co-workers performed a series of studies in order to find, if red makes males more influential and so more looked-for to females.

Females belonging to four different nations saw pictures of targeted males. In some studies, the background of the pictures of a male was red or of a substitute color. While in other studies, the male was wearing red or another tint.  

Females were prone to find the males sexually appealing and attractive, who were linked with the red color, across seven studies. Notably, enhanced perceived status contributed to this red’s effect on attraction as per representation of the findings. The males having an association with red color regarded as having higher status. So, this increase in perception of status was actually, what attracted females.    

Furthermore, the Journal of Experimental Psychology published a journal in 2010 revealing the likeability of both genders towards wearing red color.

Notably, not only wearing a red dress but red lipstick also adds to the attractiveness of females as per the same study.


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