7 Important Questions About Social Distancing

The current situation in the world is really terrifying. Everyone has heard about social distancing and the essential role it can play in slowing the spread of the virus called COVID-19. However many of us may not fully understand what it is and how it can affect our lives for the future.

To help you play your part in slowing the spread of coronavirus infection and saving lives, we’ve collected some important questions about social distancing. If this helps you, please share it with a friend who may need the same info.

1. What is social distancing?

Social distancing is a crucial strategy aimed to slow the spread of coronavirus infection and avoid serious consequences and reduce mortality. Social distancing means staying approximately six feet away from other people. This will help us limit the spread of coronavirus which is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets during talking, coughing, or sneezing.

Coronavirus will go far in communities where people are often meeting up and moving from place to place. In order to stop transmission, it’s important to make people remove themselves from the public sphere and separate from one another. Slowing the infection transmission helps hospital systems and health care workers to provide treatment equally and efficiently and save more lives.

2. Is it safe to go for a walk?

Being outside is definitely less dangerous than being in an enclosed space. Going for a walk can be safe if you identify times when there are fewer people out and plan your walk thoroughly.

3. If a place isn’t closed, does this mean it’s safe to go?

No, since some people might be contagious without knowing it. However, many are catching on that it’s their responsibility to provide people’s safety albeit it’s really complicated. People need to do what they can, and leaders must step up and establish policies for managing risk in the era of COVID-19.

4. How long until we can return to our usual life?

No one knows for sure. Epidemiologists are looking for answers today, it could be a while. No one can’t necessarily translate what happens in one country to what happens in another. Each country is having such differences due to different policies.

5. What to do if I have to go somewhere?

A total lockdown isn’t possible for most people. Many people have the option of working from home and that’s really good. However, some people still do have to leave their homes. If you do have to go somewhere often, try to do everything that will provide your safety: keep a six-foot distance from other people when you’re out and about, wear a protective mask, wash your hands always, use sanitizer, and try to drive more instead of using public transportation. If you don’t have a car, you can use car lease services that will help you choose the best car for you.

6. What to do if I get sick?

Many people think that getting the new coronavirus would likely feel like catching the flu or the common cold but it’s not true. Everyone reacts to this virus definitely. While some people can be contagious without realizing it, others (even healthy individuals) might develop serious complications and even die. Keep in mind, the best thing you can do today is to stay at home and stop the spread of coronavirus in order to save your parents and close people.

7. Can’t my friends come over to me?

We need to understand that it isn’t the best time for wine-and-cheese nights with your friends. Of course, that sucks but it’s important. We have to do everything to stop this terrifying pandemic. Including not allowing the virus to move from person to person and from community to community.

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