7 Dental Tips to Whiten Your Teeth

For most of us, the appearance of our teeth considerably affects our confidence. We take care of our teeth by brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash. However, even if you practice this, you may still find that your teeth turn yellow.  

Following are 7 dental tips to whiten your teeth:

1. Improve your diet

Yellow teeth may occur due to a number of factors. However, most often, it occurs because of the kind of food and beverages that we consume. People who drink a lot of red wine, tea or coffee or eat highly processed food sometimes find that their teeth turn yellow. Thus, the primary step towards preventing our teeth from yellowing is by improving our diet. While most people will find it difficult to give up their morning coffee, they could try cutting down on the number of cups they drink per day. This would not only help their teeth but would improve their overall health.

Apart from this, the acidic and sugary nature of many processed foods can cause decay of the enamel. Instead of eating such foods, try to substitute these for healthy alternatives:

  • Fruits- Many celebrities, including supermodel Tyra Banks, swear by the usefulness of strawberries in teeth whitening. Thus, simply adding more fruits, particularly berries and citrus fruits can help remove existing stains from your teeth. These fruits also contain rich antioxidants that can help improve the health of your gums.     
  • Milk – Milk contains calcium which is one of the main building blocks of the enamel. Thus, it can help make your enamel stronger and more durable resulting in less yellowing.      
  • Eggs- These are rich in numerous vitamins and compounds, like magnesium, which are beneficial for the teeth.     

2. Activated charcoal   

Throughout history, numerous remedies for dental care used activated charcoal as an active ingredient. Recognizing its benefits, many healthcare providers still use it today. Activated charcoal is an extremely useful substance in getting rid of superficial stains. Thus, it can reverse a lot of the damage done by other food and beverage. Furthermore, it is less harmful than other over the counter medications and procedures. Hence, it is easy to obtain and use.

3. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda   

This is one of the most popular methods of teeth whitening. Hydrogen peroxide is the substance found in mouthwash as it is a useful antibacterial. Furthermore, this is also the substance used by dentists for teeth whitening. In the clinic, the dentist may first perform a dental CT before applying the substance containing hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. While the procedure is safe, hydrogen peroxide can cause irritation if it comes in contact with the gums. Thus, be careful when administering this at home.     

For the home remedy, simply add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to some baking soda and mix it until it becomes a paste. Take care to ensure that the paste is runny and not stiff as this can cause enamel to erode. The purpose of this paste is to remove plaque from the teeth which causes bacterial build-up. Apply the paste to the teeth and leave for about 30 seconds and then rinse well. 

4. Quit smoking   

According to the study, if you smoke regularly, chances are you may find it difficult to restore your teeth to their original color and it can lead to tooth loss also. This is because nicotine is a harsh stain that does not go easily. We are sure that you have heard about the various illnesses that can arise out of smoking, such as the increased risk of cancer, heart failure, etc.. Adding to this from an aesthetic perspective, nicotine also not only stains the teeth but stains the lips and nails as well. Thus, it can hugely affect your overall appearance and can make you appear unhealthy. 

5. Coconut oil and Turmeric   

Adding to the list of miracles associated with coconut oil, it is also beneficial for the teeth. After brushing, you can rub coconut oil on the teeth and leave for about 5-20 minutes and then rinse off properly. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties making it suitable for the gums and tissues present in the mouth. You could also add a little turmeric to the coconut oil as this acts as an abrasive and acts as stain removal.          

6. Brush after every meal 

While this might be difficult, lightly brushing after drinking or eating can help reduce the amount of superficial staining.  So, make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal.

7. Rub apple cider vinegar or lemon rinds on your teeth    

The effectiveness of this method lies in the acidic nature of the substance being used. Apply apple cider vinegar or lemon rinds for about a minute, following which you must brush with a non-fluoride paste, and rinse the mouth well. However, you must be very careful while using this method as too much can cause enamel erosion.     

In conclusion, we hope that these 7 tips are useful in helping you whiten your teeth and hence improving your smile and your confidence.

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