7 Daily Habits That Harm Your Back

Back problems are very common and can affect people of any age and gender. In most cases, a sedentary lifestyle and mobile phones are to blame for this. There may be many causes of bad posture and chronic back pain but scientists have singled out the ones that are provoked by our bad own bad habits.

Do you know that an unloved job can harm your spine and cause chronic back pain? Lack of rest also has a bad effect on your posture. Let’s review seven common daily habits that can harm your back.

1. Unloved Job

Scientists from Australia have proven that back pain is more common among unhappy workers. However, no physiological problems were detected and the back pain was of a psychological nature.

2. Lack of Rest

Many of us do not pay attention to slight back pain. However, it is very important to get some rest every time you feel back pain or discomfort. To reduce the tension of the back muscles, it’s enough to lie down by lifting your legs with the help of pillows.

3. Wrong Shoes

It’s recommended to choose well-fitting shoes since back pain can be caused by uncomfortable shoes. If you prefer sneakers, running shoes or wearing boots in the cold season, wear socks to reduce friction and minimize leg discomfort. The spine suffers most of the strain caused by trying on wrong footwear.

4. Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous habit in itself. But, among other harms to health, it can cause back pain and spinal problems because nicotine disrupts blood flow to the spine. If you smoke but don’t suffer from back pain, there’s no excuse not to try and quit smoking. It can cause lung cancer and heart disease, and increase your risk of a stroke – all of which can be fatal.

5. Stressed Mind

A stressed mind can sometimes cause back pain. Try to take your mind off of work and bad thoughts. You can play sports or watch a movie. Running is one of the best ways to improve your mood and relieve depression. This simple life hack will also help you get rid of back pains.

6. Disrupted Circadian Rhythm

Scientists found a connection between spine health and body clock. They suggested that when our body clock is out of sync (due to age, chronic insomnia or night work), it leads to chronic inflammation and makes us more prone to lower back pain and degeneration of intervertebral discs.

Other studies have shown that some of our body’s natural anti-inflammatory chemicals are most effectively released in the daytime. Therefore, to cope with spine aging, you should constantly stick to a schedule that doesn’t turn you into a zombie at noon.

7. Mobile Phones

Scientists estimate that people use mobile devices for about 2-4 hours a day which means that our necks stay curved for 700-100 hours a year.

This means that surgeons will soon have more patients among adolescents since prolonged improper body position leads to serious and chronic spine curvature. That is, at some point you just realize that you no longer can bend and straighten your back and this is because of your mobile phone! Of course, we cannot abandon the technologies that make our lives easier. But we can monitor the position of our body. It will save your spine from pain and problems.

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