7 Benefits of Orthokeratology

Wearing lenses that reduce myopia progression and correct myopia may sound like a fantasy, but it’s a reality. Ortho K lenses are not exactly a novel concept. However, these lenses have just recently begun to make significant strides.

The technology field is advancing thanks to the development of advanced and precise technology. These tools facilitate and expedite the production of 3D models of the eye’s surface. However, you are most likely interested in the treatment’s potential advantages. Here are six arguments in favour of attempting orthokeratology for myopia.

The Technique is Usable by Almost Everyone

Orthokeratology is a good option for most persons with mild to moderate myopia. When myopia first starts to show, they might begin using Ortho-K lenses. This treatment has no age limits.

Thanks to orthokeratology, little ones can play outside without worrying about breaking their spectacles or losing contact lenses. Adults receiving treatment who play contact sports are also relieved of the burden of bothersome eyewear. People who work in dusty workplaces or spend a lot of time in front of computer screens should also consider this treatment. Finally, persons with dry eyes can benefit significantly from these glasses.

Astigmatism assistance

Patients with astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia can also benefit from it. It depends on the individual case whether and how much refractive defect orthokeratology lenses can effectively correct. The only folks who won’t profit from these lenses are those with more extreme eye problem variations.

Exceptional Comfort

Your eye doctor or another qualified assistant will give instructions on inserting, taking out, and caring for contact lenses if you’re wearing them for the first time. Ortho-K lenses are simple to put on and take off. These lenses are typically worn at night while you sleep. You will have clear vision all day if you remove them in the morning. Simple maintenance guidelines and hygienic requirements are the same as conventional gas permeable contact lenses. Taking good care of your contact lenses is crucial to prevent infections and other problems.

Speedy Results

Even after the first night of wearing the lenses, some users claim to have noticed an improvement. Regardless, myopia becomes better over the coming weeks until the eyesight settles. Patients typically start needing more frequent checkups but may usually transition to quarterly follow-ups. Regular eye exams help determine how well your therapy works and how long you should wear your lenses each night to achieve the best outcomes.

Reversible Results

When using orthokeratological lenses is discontinued, there are no lasting effects. There are no scars either. After some time, your eye will take on its original form if you opt to quit wearing the lenses. Therefore, Ortho-K is a practically risk-free method of stopping myopia progression.

Your quality of life could improve if you stopped wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day and started using them just at night.

Prevent Dry Eye

If you wear contacts all day, you may get dry eye symptoms. This can be unsettling. Since orthokeratology contacts are only used at night, you should no longer have symptoms even if your contacts dry out your eyes.

Safe Medical Care

Orthokeratology is a painless, safe procedure with no known long-term dangers to the patient’s vision. Even young children can receive orthokeratology because it is so secure. Orthokeratology is frequently preferred to LASIK since it doesn’t permanently change the cornea.

Stops The Advancement Of Myopia

Even the advancement of myopia can be slowed down by orthokeratology. It may be time to look into orthokeratology if you’re sick of obtaining a more potent prescription every time you go to the eye doctor in Dubai.

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