6 Selfie Spots You Can Visit and Enjoy In Las Vegas

2021 was a busy year for Vegas, with tourists flocking in the millions, nearly 17mn till August, to be precise. The iconic locations, well-connected hospitality industry, and great las vegas food coupons and deals at restaurants have attracted many post-pandemic tourists.

Most of these tourists are avid social media enthusiasts, and one in every 5 American millennials thinks that posting pictures on Instagram is the raison-d’etre of travel! If, like them, you want to travel to a place chock-full of picture-perfect locations, look no further than Las Vegas. Here are some of the best selfie-spots that Vegas has to offer:

1 – The Bellagio Lobby Conservatory

The 14000 square foot Botanical Garden and Conservatory across the Bellagio’s front desk is a seasonal attraction that takes a skilled staff of 120 people to maintain. Generally, the display begins with the Lunar New Year and changes according to the season. The bright-colored floral displays and creative topiaries are sure to enchant you. It attracts thousands of spectators, so take precautions and allow yourself sufficient time to go through the displays patiently.

2 – Fountains at Bellagio

This free attraction is an iconic part of the Vegas cityscape. Head over to the Bellagio to watch a spectacular display of pressurized water jets dancing to upbeat music. Shows generally begin after 3 in the afternoon and go on till midnight. If you feel like continuing with the romantic theme, head over to one of the premises’ restaurants for a fountain view dining experience.

3 – Skypod Observation Deck at the Strat

The observation deck in The Strat hotel, situated nearly 1,200 ft off the ground, offers a spectacular view of Las Vegas. It is one of the tallest observation decks in the USA and hosts a revolving dining room that gives you a 360-degree, bird’s eye view of the Vegas skyline.

4 – Downtown Street Art

The Downtown area was recently spruced and now boasts of artwork, murals, and installations that make for the perfect selfie backdrop. With stunning works by artists such as Zio Ziegler, Ruben Sanchez, and Roa, your afternoon walk through the locality is sure to get you into a mode of deep artistic contemplation.

If walking through the locality tires you, there are scores of lovely cafes where you can catch your breath. If you happen to stock up on las vegas food coupons and deals, you can even relish some of the best desserts this desert city can offer.

5 – Vegas signboard

Situated on the Strip, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas signboard is reminiscent of the glitz of 1950s showbiz. It is open throughout the day, but it looks best at night when lit up in bright colors. However, be prepared to wait for your turn to pose in front of the sign.

6 – The Mob Museum

Do you fancy adding a mug-shot to the set of beautiful selfies you have so far but don’t particularly want to be arrested? Then the Mob Museum might be the right place for you. This Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement sets out to educate tourists about the intricacies of organized crime in the country.

The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, truly offers a unique experience to everyone. Whether you decide to go there with your gang, or with your significant other – or just on your own, drink in every bit of this vibrant cocktail of a city and let its experience leave you feeling pleasantly intoxicated.

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