6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Family Dentist

If you need a new or your first family dentist, you need to know about your options. Here are factors to consider before choosing a family dentist.

If you don’t enjoy visiting the dentist, don’t worry you’re not alone! Visiting the dentist can be a stressful time for some people. This is why it’s important to be very picky when it comes to choosing a family dentist in order to help prevent gum disease.

If you need a new or your first family dentist, you need to know about your options.

Here are factors to consider before choosing a family dentist.

1. Choosing a Family Dentist: What Are Their Reviews?

When searching up dentists, you will want to check up on their references and reviews online. Everyone’s experience can be different, and even in the instance that you have a friend recommend you a dentist, you should do your research on what their ratings are.

Gather a couple of options in your area and check them out online. See what people have to say both good and bad. Keep in mind though that some negative reviews might just be from people who really don’t like visiting the dentist.

2. Do They Have Any Specializations?

Check to see the list of services your potential family dentist does. You will want to make sure they cover basics like fillings, extractions, and some restoration and also some specializations like crowns, implants, and maybe even orthodontic services.

Some dentists will have specialist visit their office to provide specialist care services to their patients. See if this is an option as it will save you time looking for these services elsewhere.

3. What Is There Experience & Training?

Do your research on your potential dentist’s qualifications, experience/training, and the type of license and insurance they possess. If you’re looking for specialized services down the road, you will want to select someone with higher qualifications and more experience in certain areas.

A more established dentist with their own practice will have typically be in the industry for longer. Check to see how up to date they are with any new training in the field that’s come out recently and how often they renew their license.

4. How Are They With Children?

This is an important question to ask when choosing a family dentist especially if you have or are planning to have children.

Some dentists are more comfortable and at ease with children as patience, whereas others prefer to work on adults only. This will be important when you bring your kids in to see the dentist & keep them relaxed with the dentist. It’s a lot easier if the dentist is at ease with them.

5. Do They Direct Bill or Have Payment Plans?

For those that have dental coverage, direct billing will save you time and a headache. Dentists that direct bill your insurance provider will deduct that amount your insurance covers you for leaving you with only the portion you need to pay.

In the event that you don’t have insurance, it’s helpful to have a dentist who provides payment plan options. This comes in handy especially when you need to dish out big bucks on bigger procedures.

6. How Do You Feel About Their Office?

Go into the office for a tour and meet and greet with the dentist. Nothing you read or research online will make up for how you feel about the atmosphere and the dentist in person. You should feel comfortable and safe at their office especially since this will be the hub of some invasive procedures.

This can ultimately be a deal-breaker in your selection process!

Remember These Tips When Choosing A Family Dentist

Take your time when choosing a family dentist as you will want to build a long-term relationship with them and be comfortable visiting their office. Do your research and pay the dentist a visit by scheduling a meet and greet in person before you make a decision. And don’t worry, they know that most people don’t enjoy visiting them so they should make you feel comfortable!

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