5 Ways to Lose Weight Working Out Indoors

Before the pandemic hit no one had ever imagined that they would have to abide by a lifestyle that required them to work out at home. Sure, sometimes when it would become difficult to go to the gym then we would find temporary alternates that would help us to work out, but of course, nothing could compare to the hardcore workout we could get at the gym. However, the pandemic made us realize that we should be well prepared for anything, and finding the best ways to work out at home had to be one of them. 

However, don’t worry we have compiled a list of 5 ways that will help you lose weight and get that optimum workout from the comfort of your home without having you feel the guilt of losing out on something such as the gym! So, change your workout clothes and prepare your mind and body for an efficient workout session! 

1. Skipping

Skipping is one of the best exercises that you can do at home; no assistance or supervision is needed whatsoever! The best part about skipping a rope is that you don’t need any equipment for it, just a skipping rope and some open space are sufficient! 

Skipping has all the main benefits that any great workout should be able to give you: 

  • Cardio: skipping rope will have your heart beating as fast as possible in just one minute
  • Builds stamina: at first, it might even prove to be difficult to catch your breath but trust us it gets easier as you continue. 
  • Helps lose weight: talk about losing weight from your upper body, chest, abdomen, and legs.
  • Improves focus and concentration: you need to focus and concentrate on your body’s movement as you determine how to jump a rope.
  • Releases anxiety and stress: because this helps work out every inch of your body and you need to continue pushing yourself, skipping rope is an excellent way of relieving stress. 
  • A great way of sweating: there is no doubt that within the first 15 times of skipping a rope you will be sweating profusely.  

2. Yoga

Yoga again is one of the most ideal exercises to do from the comfort of your home especially if you’re trying to relax, meditate, relieve stress, take a mental break and work on your breathing.

Again some of the many benefits of yoga are:

  • Improves flexibility: yoga helps to loosen up your muscles and increases your flexibility immensely. 
  • Excellent form of stretching: stretching improves blood circulation, recovers muscle injuries, and gets rid of lactic acid that can build up in your muscles. 
  • Improves posture: in your efforts to perfect your form and position, you will be improving your bone structure and posture. 
  • Improves breathing: most yoga is all about concentrating on your breathing, as you expand your lung capacity. 
  • Improves blood circulation: stretching will increase the blood circulation in your body, making your muscles more supple and elastic. 
  • Tones your body: holding a position for 25 to 20 seconds each will help improve your body shape and tone any loose muscles. 
  • Helps to lose weight: believe it or not, but yoga helps you to shed weight as you work on each muscle of your body individually. 

3. Shadow Boxing

Shadowboxing is an exercise that is not just limited to boxers, anyone at home with the determination to lose weight from the upper body especially should regularly do shadow boxing as it is highly effective. Some of the benefits of shadow boxing that we can list are:

  • Excellent form of cardio: shadow boxing will make you work on your upper body and she weighs as you deliver punches in thin air. 
  • Helps relieve stress and tension: just imagine all the things that cause you stress and just punch them away one by one! 
  • Loosens up the muscles and increases flexibility: working on your upper body and just putting all your energy into punching will help loosen up your upper body muscles and make them more relaxed. 
  • Helps improve blood circulation: again shadow boxing will pump blood into your upper body and improve blood circulation. 
  • Improves your posture: to be able to deliver punches efficiently you need to keep your back straight at all times. This will help improve your posture. 
  • Improves your reflexes: this exercise will also help you gain control of your body and sharpen your reflexes.
  • Helps to lose weight: without a doubt, you will be shedding weight especially from your upper body. 

4. Aerobics

If you want to have fun, enjoy music, and make a day out of your workout then there is nothing better than aerobics; just turn on an aerobics workout video in front of you, shut off anything that’s distracting and bothering you and just focus on the music and work that body out! Some of the benefits of aerobics are:

  • You get to do cardio: aerobics will have you move your body and allow you to get that workout done just as well as any cardio-oriented exercise. 
  • Bring rhythm and flexibility to your body: who doesn’t like a little bit of rhythm and flexibility in their body?
  • Enjoy yourself: you will have fun and you will enjoy the time.
  • Lose weight: you won’t even realize the time passing by as you move your body to music and shed some weight!
  • Learn a few dance skills: an extra skill to learn, dancing! 

5. Plank 

If you’re looking for the perfect exercise that will help give you a full-body workout with just one posture then the plank is made for you! Going in a plank position will help you concentrate and focus on your entire body with just one position; you will feel every inch of your body shaking as you divide your entire weight into your arms and your toes. This exercise posture will make you suck in your tummy, and make you sweat as you have never sweat before!

Other benefits of holding the plank position include:

  • Improves posture: hold your back straight in one posture for numerous seconds will help improve your posture.
  • Increases your patience and concentration: you can’t learn to hold a plank overnight, you need to keep practicing and this requires patience and concentration. 
  • Helps you to focus and clear your mind: all your worries will go away as you just focus on holding this position! 
  • Works on your entire body: trust us, your entire body will shake as you tighten up and stretch all the muscles in your body. 

These exercises will give you a similar result as a hardcore workout at the gym! So don’t worry, you still have a great reason to make great use of your workout clothes, even if you’re just exercising at home! 

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