5 Tips to Stay Motivated When Exercising

Many people are on a quest to lose weight and get healthier, but this is no easy task. No sooner do they get started than they become discouraged, bored, or tired. A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone as it improves sleep, lowers cholesterol, decreases blood pressure, and helps the brain stay sharp. Some people need to lose weight to have a healthy life, and exercise is an important part of the weight loss process. Keep reading for tips that can help someone stay motivated once they have started an exercise program.

1. Choose an enjoyable activity.

If someone does not enjoy a sport or activity, the chances are they won’t stick with it. A personal trainer will recommend finding activities that they like and then varying the routine to keep it interesting. For people who enjoy being outdoors, running on different trails could be fun and challenging. Those who like team sports and competition may enjoy playing in volleyball or softball leagues. People who are more introverted, or worried about how they might look in a health club, can easily find online workouts for exercises like yoga, kickboxing, or even Zumba. Exercise does not need to be boring. People are more likely to continue with an exercise program if they are enjoying it.

2. Set Goals.

Realistic goal setting is key. Begin with small goals and progress to longer-term goals. If goals are out of reach, it is easy to quit. For example, if it has been a while since someone has exercised, a small goal would be to walk for 10 minutes five days a week, because small amounts of exercise can have some benefits. Once this becomes easy to do, stretch it to a 30-minute walk five days a week. Eventually, someone might have the goal to complete a three-mile walk.

Experts usually recommend that healthy adults get about two hours of aerobic activity a week. But, more exercise will give even better results. Incorporate strength training exercises including all of the important muscle groups into an exercise routine twice a week as well for optimal health.

3. Schedule it in.

Many people have a difficult time finding time to exercise. Everyone has time for the most important things in their day. So, the key is to schedule workouts like other important activities. Sometimes, people can also slip some extra activity into a busy day by taking the stairs instead of an elevator, or parking further away from a store. At times, it is possible to take a walk during the workday or walk laps while a child is playing a sport. Be creative.

4. Exercise with other people.

Exercising with other people is more fun and motivating than doing it alone. Go on a walk with a spouse. Play soccer with the kids. For people who really are introverts and would rather exercise alone, there are online streaming opportunities and videos that will do the trick. For the majority of people, exercising together helps.

5. Reward yourself.

After achieving a goal, reward yourself, but not with a heavy meal full of carbs. Try treating yourself to a pair of new running shoes or trying a new smoothie from the health food store.

The path to health is not an easy one, but exercising consistently is key. You can reach your goals. These tips can help.

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