5 Tips To Break A Bad Habit That Affects Your Well-Being

Human beings are susceptible to all kinds of physical and mental illnesses. Though we may be at the top of the food chain, psycho-social issues plague each of us in some way or another. Addiction and impulse control are such issues that continue to affect many people at some point or another in their lives. Whether it’s a dependency on alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, we have bad habits that we all need to break. And to help you do so, this article will list five tips to get you started and live a healthier life. These include:

Accepting that you have an issue

The first step to taking back control of your life is accepting there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Most people never come to terms with this reality and, therefore, continue living an unhealthy life till their addiction finally becomes pathological.

Once you accept that you have an issue, it’s time to check yourself into a rehabilitation facility. Florida is known to be a narcotic hub on the East Coast. If you or someone you know is trying to break the habit, check into The Palm Beach Institute to get the best treatment for your issues. Sometimes it’s not as simple as cutting it cold turkey. Depending on what you were addicted to and how long you were using the particular substance, you may need medical attention. Similarly, run a quick Google “near me” search to find a suitable rehab center close to your location. It will help you get the expert help you need on time.

Change your social circle

It’s relatively rare for people to abuse drugs in isolation. A fair number of people use drugs or consume alcohol in a group to create social cohesiveness, bonded by the substance of abuse. Needless to say, these people are not your friends, and you need to find a better social circle if you want to get out of the bottomless pit that is addiction.

Not only do peers actively use with you, but the majority of addicts report that their peers are the reason they got into the habit in the first place. Peer pressure isn’t always active. Sometimes you may personally feel left out, regardless of whether your friends influence you or not. Passive peer pressure is a genuine issue that very few people talk about, and they should speak about it more often.

Stay busy

When you are bored and your mind begins to wander, there is a solid chance that you may want to indulge in your bad habit of choice again. Your mind is likely to create justifications that will encourage you to engage with your drug of choice. Don’t do it; you are going to feel guilty later!

The body is prone to feeling urges when the mind has nothing else to do. For this reason, consider keeping yourself busy with literally anything. Even something as (seemingly) trivial as cleaning your room can go a long way in distracting you and temporarily drowning your urges. Study, work, clean, or work out. Do whatever you have to do to ensure that you don’t have the time to think about anything other than what you are actively/currently engaged in.

Stop and monitor

Stop and monitor is a psychological technique behavioral therapists use to encourage addiction patients to stay focused and think about what’s important.

Gather a bunch of sticky notes and stick them in various places around the house. Frequently visited locations such as the fridge, bathroom mirror, and the main door should have sticky notes attached to them. Keep a pencil on hand and whenever you pass by these notes, write down your current thought at the time and maybe a positive statement to combat negative thoughts. This good habit will give you an estimate of the frequency of your thoughts, and over time, you will notice how they slowly begin to fade.

Reward yourself

You are going through a life-changing journey. If you continue to beat yourself up with harsh statements, the chances are you will develop self-esteem issues that might lead you down a dark path once again. Therefore, take the time to appreciate what a colossal change this is and how far you have come.

After a good day, pat yourself on the back and appreciate the day’s effort. Fighting urges, meeting milestones, and avoiding negative people are instances where you should reward yourself.

Moreover, self-care can go a long way as well. Run yourself a warm bath in the evening, watch your favorite show and cook yourself a healthy meal as a reward. These are positive ways to reinforce your behavior. If done right, they can help overcome the addiction for good and lead to better self-esteem.


Breaking a bad habit is never easy. The road ahead is going to be hard, you might fall back a couple of times, but it’s essential to stay focused and motivated. The tips mentioned above can go a long way in helping you fight the addiction and beat it for good. Accept something needs to change within you, try to stay busy, change your social circle, and most importantly, reward yourself. Practice these techniques if you want to break the chains of addiction and reclaim your life.

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