5 Signs You’re Mentally Stronger Than Most People

Human evolution has come a long way since the dawn of man. You see, it was not a very long time ago when physical strength used to set apart the best from the mass. Fast forward to the 21st century, we now have robots and machines that do the physical work for us. Nowadays, it is our cognitive ability and mental strength that’s more important. Smarter people with high IQ, EQ, and mental strength are more likely to succeed in this current day and age. Our brain has become our best asset.

However, being mentally strong isn’t just about being brainy. Rather, it’s about being strong at mind and at will. There are many smart people with high IQs that are not mentally strong, which is why they are unable to face the challenges of life. Being mentally strong makes it easier for you to achieve just about anything you undertake. It’s a super useful trait to have.

Also, mentally stronger people are also usually more confident. And confidence is a proven factor to success and well-being. Now, at this point, you may be asking yourself if you can be considered to be a mentally strong person. Or, if you’re mentally stronger than most people out there. Below, we’ve compiled 5 signs that mentally strong people usually have in common. If you can relate to these 5 signs and if you think the points below describe you well, chances are you’re mentally stronger than most people out there!

1. You don’t complain.

You’re not a complainer and you hate it when people whine and complain. Instead, you always see the positive in all things. When you’re in a tough or undesirable situation, you face it and get the most you can out if it instead of complaining. You love facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. You also have a high tolerance for any kind of pain.

Because you don’t complain about things, you also tend to handle stress better. Stress is a leading cause of premature death. By being mentally strong, you can evade stress and as a result, live longer.

Overall, you know that life is too short for complaining, so you do everything diligently, patiently, and positively. If this sounds like you, then you’re mentally stronger than most people!

2. You don’t care what others think about you.

You don’t live to please other people or to get the approval of society. You live your life with your own purpose and your own principles. You don’t let the thoughts of other people change your decisions. You don’t care what other people think because you don’t feel the need to – because you know yourself better than anyone.

Moreover, you also probably post less on social media. And that’s not because you’re anti-social or anything, it’s because you’re mentally strong.

You don’t care what people think because you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

However, note that not caring what other people think doesn’t mean disregarding their opinions or concerns. It simply means that you’re independent at mind and at will and that you have your own decision making and conscience system.

If that sounded like you, then you’re definitely mentally strong. If it didn’t, you need to stop caring what other people think. Once you reach that level of wisdom, you’ll be a totally different person.

3. You don’t get influenced by peer pressure.

You just don’t have peer pressure in your vocabulary. You’re an immovable rock when it comes decisions because no one can influence you for the worse. Because of this trait, you tend to succeed in most of your endeavors.

You also stay away from bandwagons. You know that what everyone is doing is not necessarily the right thing. And you know that the latest trends are always temporary – so you don’t fall for them. After all, you have your own brain to make decisions, so why would you follow the bandwagon?

At the end of the day, only a mentally weak person would do anything under peer pressure. And the last thing you want to be is mentally weak. If you find yourself staying away from peer pressure and bandwagons, it’s a sign that you must be mentally strong!

4. You are not too “nice”.

We all know at least one person who is super nice all the time. You know, the kind who’s polite to everyone, helpful in every situation, and considerate to others’ feelings. But guess what, these nice people are actually mentally weak. So if you’re not too “nice”, you may be mentally stronger than most people.

But why? Is there something wrong with being nice?

Turns out, yes there is. Don’t get me wrong – being nice is totally fine. But being super nice comes with its negatives. The thing is, super nice people are usually afraid to do wrong things. They’re afraid to hurt other people, afraid to take risks, and afraid to make mistakes. For this reason, super nice people don’t get very far in life.

If you’re mentally strong, you will always aim to do the correct and logical thing. You will do things for the betterment of the situation. And often times in the process of doing these things, you have to sacrifice being nice to people.

That’s where the mental test comes in. If you know that your behavior is done for a certain cause, you wouldn’t be ashamed of it. However, super nice people are unable to think that way since they prioritize being nice to other people. While in reality, most nice people either just want to create an image to others that they’re nice, or are afraid of being called anything other than nice.

5. You keep yourself healthy and fit

You like living healthy and fit. You exercise regularly and refrain from eating garbage. Your diet is controlled and devoid of excess sugar and fat.

You understand the value of being healthy. You know that being healthy and fit resonates throughout your lifestyle, making you better at everything you do. You know that exercising boosts brain power too, so there’s really no excuse for not being active. And you are able to do all this because you have the willpower, self-control, and paramount discipline.

You need to be mentally strong to regularly exercise. A mentally weak person will not be able to last long in any health and fitness routine. So if you manage to keep yourself fit and healthy, it’s a sign that you’re mentally stronger than most people!

So here you have it. These five (5) signs indicate whether or not you’re mentally strong. How did you fare?

If after reading through, you’ve realized that you’re one of the mentally weak people out there, here’s a philosophical trick you can start following to become mentally strong:

Get rid of your fear of death and accept the fact that you will die one day.

As bizarre as that may sound, having that mindset will help you become mentally stronger in any tough situation. You’ll be amazed. Once you get rid of your fear of death and accept that your days here on earth are limited, you will suddenly have new “powers” to achieve anything you undertake.

What’s the fun in living stronger alone? If you found this article useful in helping you live stronger, go ahead and share it with the people you care about! Let’s live stronger together!

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