5 Qualities of Attractive Men

Men do all sorts of things to appear as attractive as possible, especially if they’re trying to win that special girl’s heart. Sadly, most men think they can win a woman’s heart just with their looks. Truth is, it takes a lot more than good looks to be truly attractive to a woman unless of course, you have the looks of someone like Johnny Depp!

Then what exactly is it that women find attractive in men? It’s a tough question since women are generally very complicated creatures, and I’m sure all men agree with that. To find out, we conducted a short survey among women, and we found out that there were certain qualities that came up more than the others. Moreover, most of the women said that these qualities are more important to them than a man’s looks. Guess what? Physical or sexual attraction is not enough.

If you want to become the most attractive version of yourself, consider working on the 5 qualities below and you’ll surely be ahead of most other men. Even if you’re not trying to impress anyone, having these qualities will definitely bring you closer to being a complete gentleman. 

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Confidence

You probably guessed this one. For women, high confidence in men is a major turn on. They seek confident men because they want to feel secure and protected. Women want their man to be able to stand up and defend them when the need arises. If a man is confident and believes in himself, the easier it is for him to succeed in life and motivate his woman to succeed as well.

This is also why low self-esteem generally turns off women right away. That being said, confidence is not arrogance and it doesn’t have to be loud.  What makes confidence attractive is when a man strongly believes in himself and does not fall weak when a difficult situation arises.

2. Wit

Women love it when a man makes witty or clever statements. In fact, if a girl ever called you witty, she was most likely impressed by your wit and charm. One reason for this is due to the fact that being witty is directly associated with manliness. Ever since the dawn of humans, men have been known to be more mentally sharp, street-smart and clever than their female counterparts. It’s just a very manly thing. Genetically speaking, males are also equipped with higher analytical abilities. Hence, it is only natural for women to be attracted to witty men.

If you’re naturally gifted with keen intelligence, then good for you, but for those who aren’t the wittiest around, you can learn to be wittier by being aware and alert of your surroundings and striving to learn as much as you can. Always remember, intelligence is sexy.

3. Sense of Humor

Okay, this one’s pretty obvious. I mean, who doesn’t like to be around funny people?! Women especially, go crazy over guys who can make them laugh. I know many girls who insist that the most important quality in a guy is his sense of humor.

The key here is to be natural and to be willing to make her laugh. If you just pretend to be funny sometimes, it’s not going to last. Our sense of humor is something that you get better at over time, it’s like your vocabulary. Just keep in mind the end goal of putting laughs and smiles on others’ faces, and your sense of humor will naturally develop given you put in the due effort.

4. Your Ability to Praise Her

Females love to hear good things about themselves. They absolutely love it when someone calls them pretty or compliments their outfit, new haircut, or even their attitude. This is not to say that women are narcissistic or insecure in any way. It’s just that praises and compliments make women feel more loved, and women are always seeking love.

Also, when a man makes the effort to praise or compliment her, it signals that the man isn’t selfish and knows how to think about others too. Women value this a lot. So yeah, if you want to appear more attractive and charming the next time you see her, drop in few compliments and if you’re lucky she’ll blush on you.

5. Trustworthiness

And lastly, the most important quality in a man is his Trustworthiness. This quality is very attractive to the ladies because they can foresee a lasting relationship if a man is trustworthy. If you want to move on from flirtation to love, you simply have to win her trust.

At the end of the day, trust is the most important thing in a relationship. The moment one or the other starts having doubts, the relationship will inevitably start breaking apart slowly. And besides, if you don’t have this one quality in you, you’re not a real man and you don’t deserve her love.

There you have it. If you can level up on these 5 qualities, the ladies will surely find you attractive.

Oh, and if you think you’ve got the killer looks already, you still have to develop these qualities. On the other hand, if you don’t turn many heads with your looks, don’t lose hope! because having these 5 qualities will more than compensate for your ordinary looks.

Now, if you feel that you score low in the aforementioned qualities, you’ll have to start developing them soon.

Don’t worry, we have a tip for you:

Here’s what you can do: make an acronym out of the qualities mentioned above, and keep reminding yourself to practice those qualities throughout the day.

For example, CCWF is a great acronym to live by. It takes care of the first four qualities. It’s useless to include in the acronym, the 5th – trustworthiness because you can’t practice it in everyday situations – you can develop trustworthiness more by working on your integrity and morality.

CCWF – Be Confident. Don’t forget to Compliment her. Stay Witty and Funny.

If you keep reminding yourself of this acronym in your head, you’ll easily develop the above qualities, at least the first four of them. Having said that, this is just an example and you can create your own acronym depending on what you need to improve on. But remember, never overthink stuff like this and try to be as natural as possible.

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