5 Helpful Tips to Stop Snoring Once and For All

Snoring – apart from being a menace for the snorer as well as his or her partner – is also said to have some very serious implications.

A snoring partner not only keeps the other one awake throughout the night but research has revealed that about 75 percent of the people who snore happen to have obstructive sleep apnea that has the risk of causing heart ailment.

But before you start using over-the-counter sprays and pills you should check with your doctor. If you can’t manage that, here are some helpful tips to control your snoring, have a look and do your sleeping buddies a favor.

  • Decrease Your Weight – Studies have revealed that overweight people are more likely to undergo snoring problems nearly 50 percent more as compared to normal-weighted people. This happens because the fat deposits in the upper airways can lead to obstruction in the breathing. According to doctors, even losing a few kilograms of fat can make a big difference.
  • Sleep on the Side – People sleeping on the back are more prone to snoring than the ones who sleep on their side. So researchers instruct to sleep on your side for a good night’s sleep. This position makes sure that the base of the tongue is not collapsed into the rear portion of the throat that can prevent proper breathing by narrowing the airways.
  • Keep the Nose Clear – You should see to it that nose remains clear so that you can breathe through the nose instead of the mouth.  Use nasal spray or antihistamine tablets to clear the nose if it is blocked by allergy.  You should consult with your doctor if you are affected by any condition like sinusitis or just take the advice of the pharmacist and then book an appointment with your doctor when the time permits.
  • Elevate the Head – You should try to elevate your head when you go to sleep in order to take the pressure off the airway. You may also put blocks under the posts of the bed for raising the head. Another simpler alternative is to uplift the upper portion of the body to allow the oxygen to pass through the airways smoothly.
  • Get Rid of the Two Devilries – Alcohol is something that can wreak havoc on your snoring problem. People who drink alcohol before bed are clearly proven to snore louder than those who abstain from the devilry. The air passage in your throat is blocked as the muscles are relaxed by alcohol consumption. Similarly, smokers are twice as likely to snore than non-puffers. Your nasal passages are irritated by this habit which reduces the airflow and makes it difficult to breathe through the nose.

The above are some of the snoring solutions that you can follow in order to control your snoring problem and grab a goodnight’s sleep and keep at bay the conditions and complications that accompany this problem.

If these tips fail to improve your situation, you should consult your sleep doctor to put an end to your snoring issue.

This article is a guest post by Neer Tiwari.

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