5 Healthy Oral Habits for Your Kids

Parents invariably want to inculcate healthy oral habits among their children – the kind that lasts a lifetime. It is often the parents’ attitude towards oral hygiene that plays a defining part in shaping kids’ oral hygiene habits to a significant extent. The best way to make sustainable habits for kids’ oral hygiene is to be particular about your own oral hygiene. If your kids know that you brush your teeth often, they will tend to build a habit to do the same.

One of the basic ways towards improved oral hygiene at home is by making sure that access to junk food is limited. When this is combined with some policies regarding family meals, it boosts the amount of healthy foods that kids have.

Soda, candy, and chips make acid that stays in kids’ mouth. This increases the risk of tooth decay, and also speeds up the process. Healthier eating habits bring about an actual difference in kids’ oral hygiene.

Let us take a look at 5 of the top oral health habits for your kids. They make a foundation for long term oral hygiene for the children.

Spend time outdoors with the family

A night out spent catching a movie or a picnic is fun for the entire family. But it can also be a good source of exercise. Risk of stroke and cardiovascular disorders is then minimized.

Adults essentially require 30 minutes of physical activity in a day while kids require 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

Choice of activity that best fits your family requirements can be selected by you. You may choose to enjoy a game of baseball in the backyard or the entire family can go for a hike. The healthier lifestyle contributes to better oral health as well.

Keep healthy snacks easily accessible when touring

If you are required to stay away from home for longer periods, pack healthy lunches. Choose it over candy bars.

When kids observe that you eat healthy outdoors, they will pick up the habit and start eating healthy.

Fruits and nuts are some of the finest foods to reenergize instantly. You can keep them with you when you go outdoors. Protein and natural sugars keep one’s energy levels high.

Brushing made fun

Brushing the teeth should be a fun activity for children. You may go for electric brushes or let kids choose their own brush. Similarly, it is best to give kids a demo over the right way to brush the teeth. The activity must characteristically last for two minutes, and you can use a timer to ensure the same.

It may be a fine idea to brush the teeth after meals. In order to make brushing fun, you could play brushing songs from YouTube. Flavored kinds of toothpaste add to the fun aspect. You could also use timers that play music while your child brushes his teeth.


Flossing is another habit that is very essential for oral health. You could give a demo to your kids over the right way to floss the teeth. Flossing helps clean up the plaque that accumulates in the midst of teeth. It reduces the chances of developing cavities to a significant extent. Similarly, odds of tooth decay and gum diseases are also reduced. Kids and adults must both floss at least once in a day. It is best to do so after dinner.

Biannual cleanups at a dentist’s clinic

Kids and adults should both go for biannual checkups and cleanups at a dentists place. Checkups would help with easy identification of problems in case they exist. Cleanups too are essential because all plaque is not possible to remove by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly. Expert supervision may be required. A dentist would know the best about kids’ dental care. He would be in a position to explain if dental care routine for the children is working effectively.

There are a number of choices at one’s disposal when one is on a lookout for a dentist. A children dentist would have a specialization over issues generally faced by children regarding oral health. He may be in a better position to guide you.

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