5 Best Activities to Workout Your Core

Strong core muscles stabilize the lower back and enhance flexibility. They help with balance and provide a person with better posture. Furthermore, the core muscles play a role in a person’s stability and make life easier in every way. How can a person strengthen their core muscles when they already feel overwhelmed by life?

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing provides a full-body workout. This activity works the core, shoulders, and arms. A person must stabilize the ax when they throw, so the legs get a workout as well. In fact, throwing an axe can improve body control and eye-hand coordination.

A person builds strength every time they throw an axe. In addition, they burn calories while getting their heart pumping. This activity also allows a person to release aggression, which helps keep stress levels under control.

People need to have fun if they wish to have the highest quality of life. Axe throwing is a great way to bring people together and have a great time. As they throw the axes, they will release tension in the shoulders.

They will also laugh, which works the core muscles, and they have a great time while doing so. Now is the time to try out axe throwing and see why it is the perfect workout routine for many.

A Variety of Squats

As these muscles are used in many daily activities, every person should be doing squats regularly.

One study found that squats activate more core muscles than planks do. Squats also burn calories, which means a person can do these exercises along with cardio to get closer to the body they desire.

There are several types of squats a person might wish to try. Back squats are considered the gold standard due to the number of muscle groups to complete this exercise. Other options include overhead and jump squats. Regardless of which variations a person chooses to try, they must ensure they use the correct form to reduce the risk of injury.

Vacuuming the Home

A clean home is beneficial to a person’s health. However, this clean home may also help strengthen a person’s core. When dusting and vacuuming, a person uses their abdominal muscles. They also provide their obliques on the side body with a workout and exercise the trapezius or muscles located between the shoulder blades.

The core should be engaged when a person is during and vacuuming. In addition, they should keep the back flat when they must bend over to clean the home properly.

A 175-pound person who vacuums for 30 minutes will burn 80 calories while doing so. In addition to working the core, vacuuming ensures the legs and upper body get exercise. If the person must carry the vacuum between floors, they increase the intensity of this workout.

Dusting for half an hour burns a similar number of calories. To boost the intensity of the exercise, complete these activities on tiptoes or squat when vacuuming or dusting to make the leg muscles stronger.

Try to find different ways to engage the core when carrying out all household activities. If a person makes this a priority, strengthening the core will be an easier task.

The Plank

The plank serves as an excellent alternative to crunches, and men and women find this activity improves their stability and core strength. A person might believe they can easily do this exercise, but they must use the correct form to achieve the desired results.

People find there are different versions of this exercise, so they can choose the one that best meets their needs. When doing this exercise, they must ensure the core remains tight and the back is straight. In addition, the head should not sag.

A high plank starts much like a pushup. However, the individual holds the position without bending the elbows. A low plank is similar, but the person rests on the forearms rather than extending the arms until they are straight.

Planks strengthen the entire body, not just the core. Doing them regularly helps to improve posture and flexibility. However, a person might find they become bored with the high and low plank. Other options include side planks, arm and leg extensions, and knee touches.

Keep workouts interesting by mixing in new plank variations each day. This helps to strengthen the body while toning it. A person will look and feel better if they include this single exercise in their regular workout routine.

Toting Groceries

Hauling groceries into the house is a great way to make the core stronger. In addition, this activity works the biceps, leaving a person with toned arms they cannot wait to show off.

However, many people fail to use the proper form when carrying groceries into the home and end up hurting themselves. Distribute the weight of the groceries between both arms and stand up straight. This engages the core muscles.

When bagging groceries, which many stores now require consumers to do, try to distribute the weight evenly between the bags. This helps to ensure neither arm is injured as a result of excess weight in one bag.

A full bag of groceries can weigh up to 20 pounds. Once the bags are in the home, squat to place them on the floor. Do squats when removing items to strengthen the legs and stand on tiptoes to put them away. These little movements build up over time to strengthen the core, the arms, the legs, and more.

Weak core muscles negatively affect every area of a person’s life. Strong core muscles are needed to complete many everyday activities. However, a person should not focus solely on strengthening the core.

Strong abdominal muscles are beneficial, but not if the person ignores the rest of the body. In fact, a person who only works the core muscles may find their back and hip muscles deteriorate and they become more at risk of injuries. Incorporate exercises that work the core into an overall workout program for outstanding results, and ensure every part of the body gets exercise for the highest fitness level. Squats target the muscles in the legs as well as the core muscles of the body. This dynamic strength training exercise requires the upper and lower body to work together.

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