5 Baby Steps to Begin Your Keto Journey

Making a radical shift from your regular high-carb diet to keto can be scary.

Your food for a keto diet must carry high fat and protein while maintaining carbohydrate intake. Essentially, you will need to blend the macronutrients in the proportions of 70:25:5. That’s where balancing the scale becomes tricky.

Whether you do your own keto meal prep in Sydney or order it from outside, you will need to be careful about what you’re consuming. Modest beginnings with a low-carb diet schedule are essential to ensure that you reach the finish line in your keto journey.

How Should You Curate Your Low-Carb Diet Plan?

To help your body make the shift from carb-burning to fat-burning, you will need to include significant portions of fat on your plate. That’s not to say, you can absolutely disregard other micro and macronutrients. Here’s how you build your diet to achieve your weight loss goals.

1. Know your foods

Since you will be severely limiting your carb intake and most of the food items contain the same, it’s important to choose your edibles wisely. It would be best to assess the nutrient composition of your foodstuffs before including them in your diet chart.

For instance, beets may be suitable for fibre intake, but they are high in net carbs. Even though the vegetable is supremely nutritious, the carb quotient mandates limited consumption only.

2. Check your notion about fat

Usually, people conceive fat as harmful and avoid consuming them during a weight loss journey in Sydney. Since your whole keto diet depends on its consumption, you will need to see which kind of fat you can consume.

To make it clearer, you will require foods high in healthy polyunsaturated fat like fish oil and seeds. Additionally, you will need some lifestyle changes in cooking habits as well. So, instead of choosing less oil, now you can slowly introduce more oil especially avocado and other healthy oils.

3. Rebuild your protein intake habits

Unlike other dieting habits, keto requires moderate protein intake. So, if you have been including high macronutrients in your consumption, your keto journey might come to a halt because of it.

Basically, your body will turn the surplus protein into glucose, which will be stored as fat. Now, if you want to stay on track, keep the nutrient balance of the huge amount of fat with a small portion of protein.

4. Learn about the side effects

With a keto diet, a lot of good comes with a little of bad. One of the side affects you must be prepared for is the keto flu.

To put it simply, while undergoing a keto transition, your body will face some setbacks. These effects will make you feel nauseous, constipated etc.

So, if you have a hectic schedule in Sydney, it’s best to plan your keto schedule beforehand to let your body adjust.

5. Increase electrolyte intake

One of the most common impacts of the keto diet is on your kidney. Essentially, you’ll be losing a lot of water and electrolytes with it. This is why you must consume enough sodium and potassium to increase their levels and avoid fatigue.

Parting thoughts

Some people prefer to use keto diets to maintain weight, while others utilise it for making a transition in dietary habits. Regardless of the reason behind beginning a keto meal prep in Sydney,you’ll need to plan out your diet schedule wisely. Not only will it help you in achieving your body goals, but it will also decide your overall health once the regimen is over.

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