4 Tips for Staying Fit After Childbirth

61% of new mothers expect to return to their pre-pregnancy weight by their baby’s first birthday. According to the same source, though, almost 60% of moms with 1 to 2-year olds report still carrying a few unwanted pounds.

Clearly (and understandably!), getting in shape after having a child is harder than many people expect. Have you just had a baby? Do you want to find out how to remain in shape in this amazing yet hectic time of life?

Keep reading for our 4 top tips on staying fit after childbirth.

1. Be Kind, Be Patient

The first thing to know about losing weight after pregnancy is that it’s a process! After 9 months of carrying a little human around inside you, it can take weeks or months for your body to fully recover. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes longer than you want to get back in shape after giving birth!

The good news is that most women can still safely exercise after pregnancy within a few days of delivery- assuming you feel well enough and have the go-ahead from your doctor.

2. Start Slow

Exercise is on the cards, but that doesn’t mean you should rush straight into the gym for a HIIT workout or spin class! Ease into things instead. Starting with a gentle walk is usually a great reintroduction to exercise, slowly building up to more intense physical activity over the ensuing weeks.

Heads up, though, new moms who had a C-section or experienced any complications during delivery may have to take things even slower. Always consult your doctor to get tailored advice for your situation.

3. Go to Mom and Baby Classes

Juggling your desire to stay fit while managing the day-to-day challenges of being a new parent is never easy. After all, childcare is a full-time job! It can seem like there’s no time left to squeeze in a workout.

That’s why attending mom and baby fitness classes in your area is so ideal. You can stay active, start building muscle postpartum, and bring the baby along for the ride! Better still, you’ll meet other parents and engage in activities that are tailored to new moms.

4. Jog With a Stroller

Another great way to stay fit after having a baby is by getting your hands on a jogging stroller. Unlike traditional strollers, these handy items are purpose-built to support your baby as you go on a walk or jog!

Thanks to their sturdy wheels, reclining seats, and sun-covers (alongside other handy features), your baby can sit back and enjoy the ride as you cover the miles.

Remember These Tips for Staying Fit After Childbirth

Staying fit after childbirth can seem like an almighty challenge. But the good news is it’s far from impossible! With the right insight and approach, you can remain active and in shape throughout this full-on period.

We hope the tips in this article will help you do it! Would you like to read more articles on similar topics? Browse the “fitness” section of our website now.

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