20 Strongest Women of All Time

You might have read stories about the Hulk for sure! But in comic books, Hulk is basically the epitome of masculine strength. But have you ever thought about real life she-hulks that resemble strong and powerful women?  Women are on the rise more than ever before, so it’s only fitting to compile a list of well-deserving she-hulk superstars!

While there are so many strong women all over the world, here’s a list of 20 women that are easily deserving of being called the strongest women of all time. Note that strong here does not necessarily connote physical strength, but also mental willpower or a sense of social prowess in society. That said, physical strength is usually correlated with the latter.

Here’s the list of 20 amazing women that are an inspiration for one and all, in no particular order!

1. Becca Swanson: The Strongest Woman on Earth:

Becca Swanson (20 Strongest Women of All Time)Born in November 1973, Becca Swanson is a professional American bodybuilder with a great number of world records. She is also focused on professionally improving in the field of powerlifting. Moreover, she is also a professional wrestler and strongwoman. When it comes to physical strength, she is famously known as the strongest woman in the world.

2. Iris Floyd Kyle: A Beast of a Woman:

Iris Kyle (20 Strongest Women of All Time)

Another badass professional American bodybuilder is known by the name of Iris Floyd Kyle, whose physique can scare away most men. She was born in 1974, and in her long career has been named out to be one of the strongest in bodybuilding based on statistics encompassing both males and females.

She has ten Ms. Olympia wins under her belt along with seven Ms. International wins. After a career of great success, she is now happily retired.

3. Helen Stephens:  The Unfortunate She-Hulk:

Helen_Stephens_(20 Strongest Women of All Time)Meet Helen Stephens – known as the unfortunate she hulk. She is a natural mesomorph with jacked muscles and a strong physique. Unfortunately, she suffers from a mysterious disease that is Stiff-Person syndrome.

She is currently 50 years old and her medications in the past have caused her muscles to harden even more. On the downside, her muscles also shake as a symptom of her condition. She never gave up and was persistent with her treatment and medications, for which reason she is one of the strongest women to date.

4. Donna Moore: Strongest British Woman:

Donna Moore (20 Strongest Women of All Time)In the event of the very first World’s Strongest Woman contest in the year 2003, it was Donna Moore who walked away as the Victor. She is a British strongwoman who was honored with the title of a She-Hulk. She even took the crown in the form of the Final Stone in the Atlas Stones competition.

5. Gwendoline Christie As the Towering Giant:

Gwendoline_Christie_(20 Strongest Women of All Time)Gwendoline Christie is not a bodybuilder nor a weightlifter. She is an actress in the world-famous show, Game of Thrones. Her physical anatomy is mind-blowing, as she stands as tall as 6’3!! Being a genetically gifted woman, her physical characteristics definitely qualify her as a She-Hulk!

6. Natalia Trukhina: The Steroid User:

Natalia Trukhina (20 Strongest Women of All Time)She has a body weight of 114 kg and is famously known as an arm-lifting and bench press world champion. She is also a deadlift champion in Europe. Using only one arm, she can lift around 75 kg. At the age of just 14, she started training to become the powerlifter she is today. When she was a small kid, she already used to weigh a whopping 90 pounds!

7. Charlotte Heffelmire: The Svelte Heroine:

Charlotte Heffelmire (20 Strongest Women of All Time)If you see Charlotte for the first time, you are likely to mistake her for a teenager. However, she is physically super powerful and strong. She made headlines when she lifted a truck to save a life. At that time she was a teenager and was just 120 pounds and five feet six. Perhaps, it might be the adrenaline that enabled her to do so, but the strength required to do so is still superhuman!

8. Zhou Lulu: The Chinese Muscle woman:

Zhou Lulu (20 Strongest Women of All Time)Zhou Lulu was born in 1988. She has been professionally competing as a Chinese female weightlifter. She had set a world record of a total of 328 kg in the heavyweight category for snatch and clean and jerk, making her an incredibly strong woman!

9. Jang Mi Ran: A Champion:

Jang Mi Ran (20 Strongest Women of All Time)

This South Korean weightlifter weighs 118kg and has represented her country so many times in the well-known Olympic Games. She has won three straight world championship titles in the women’s +75 kg category. Her thickness and bulk enable her to produce large amounts of force.

10. Choe Hyo Sim: The Miniature Superhuman:

Choe Hyo Sim (20 Strongest Women of All Time)

Choe Hyo-sim is a North Korean woman who might seem to be small in physical appearance but is actually super strong and physically active from the inside. A pocket rocket, if you will. She has a height of five feet and two inches and weighs around 62 kg or 137 lb. Born in 1993, she has always been a strong girl.

11. Aleesha Young: The Strongest Cheerleader:

Aleesha_Young_(20 Strongest Women of All Time)Another female American bodybuilder makes the list. She is also into cheerleading and is definitely the strongest one known. She had been honored with the title of NPC USA Championship in 2014. Her father is also a retired bodybuilder, while her sister and brother are ice hockey players.

12. Gabrielle Lemos Garcia: The Strongest Rebel:

Gabrielle Lemos Garcia (20 Strongest Women of All Time)

Gabrielle Garcia is as strong as she is tall, standing at 6 foot 2 inches! She is a world champion and is also the member of the IBJJF Hall of Fame. She has taken training in sports including shoot boxing, mixed martial arts, and many more.

13. Cody Hall from Great Britain:

Cody Hall (20 Strongest Women of all time)This beautiful woman is Cody Hall from Great Britain. She was born with a wide range of facial deformities. Doctors lost all the hopes. But her family took action to raise up money for her first treatment in States. She was at the age of 1 when she had her first surgery.

In the last 14 years, she has undergone 18 operations. She is now living a normal life and has achieved huge success at an educational level. She is the ideal inspiration for every woman who is dealing with or fighting with any medical disease or condition.

14. Malala Yousafzai:

Malala Yousafzai (20 Strongest Women of all time)Malala Yousafzai is one of the most outstanding role models for any girl.  She became famous thanks to her blog on BBC that described how she was living under Taliban’s regime who banned Pakistani girls from attending school. She even survived the assassination attempt and a medically induced coma. Her fighting spirit screams girl power from many angles!

15. Mikayla Holmgren, From Down Syndrome to Miss Minnesota USA Pageant:

Mikayla Holmgren (20 Strongest Women of all time)Mikayla Holmgren was the very first woman with Down syndrome who managed to make her way to the stage of Miss Minnesota pageant. She received the Miss Minnesota USA Spirit Award and Director’s Award. In her speech, she added that she took part in this beauty contest in order to show the positive side of Down syndrome. Her courage is one that every woman aspires to have!

16. Sarah Moore:

Sarah Moore (20 Strongest Women of all time)Sarah Moore is famous for performing 9 jobs at the same time. She also loves to look after the elderly.  She is from a Tiny Scottish Island where mostly the population comprises of old age people who are not able to work.

She is brave enough as she is handling the toughest job right now – which is working 9 jobs at the same time! She shuffles through 9 jobs, including air traffic controller, a firefighter, a shepherd, and a council clerk at the same time.

17. Bethany Hamilton, Survived from Shark Attack:

Bethany Hamilton (20 Strongest Women of all time)At the age of 13, Bethany Hamilton escaped from a dangerous attack of a shark. This attack incident left her with one arm. But she did not lose hope and started off her surfing journey once again. She managed to overcome her fear and trauma, and follow her passion!

18. Liz Murray:

Liz Murray_(20 Strongest Women of all time)She was a homeless gang member, despite which she graduated from Harvard. Liz Murray had faced a tough time when she was a kid. She was bullied so much in school and her parents were drug addicts. During teenage years, she became a drug addict.

At the age of 15, she lost her mother and spent much of her teenage on the benches. Despite all the struggles, she managed to get a degree from the prestigious Harvard University. She now takes care of her ill father.

19. Indira Gandhi:

Indira_Gandhi_(20 Strongest Women of all time)Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was born on 19 November 1917 and died on 31 October 1984. She was known as the 4th Prime Minister of India, as well as the first woman Prime Minister of India. She was also one of the prominent faces in the Indian National Congress party. She had served the Indian nation strongly from the year 1966 till the year 1977. Her assassination took place in the year 1984.

At a time when women were severely inferior in India, she had the courage to lead the whole country as a powerful leader. Till date, she remains one of India’s best political leaders.

20. Rani of Jhansi:

Rani_of_jhansi_(20 Strongest Women of all time)Rani of Jhansi, also known as Lakshmibai, was a female warrior! She was born on 19th November 1828 and died on 18th June 1858. She was a well-known Indian warrior and queen as well. She was among the top leaders during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Her strength and fighting spirit are praised in India until now! She is an inspiration for women all around the world.

So, this world isn’t just filled with strong men, but strong women too! Women are gifted with unique strength and mental willpower that can lead them to achieve great things.

Who is your favorite strongest female from our list?

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