11 Gift Ideas Under £20 for Fitness Lovers

This is a guest post by Louise Emms of Stadia Sports.

Picking a great gift means choosing something that someone will not only love the look of but will actually want to use too. If you’re going to buy a practical gift, it’s important that you really consider where that person spends most of their time so that you can buy a present that will fit with their lifestyle.

Let’s take the typical gym lover, they often spend a lot of hours working out and so something fitness related is a must. Here is our quick guide showing you 11 great gifts ideas for fitness lovers under £20.

Please note: All prices were taken during November 2018 where each item came under £20. These may fluctuate depending on sales and other seasonal prices.

1. Kettlebells

Probably one of the most soughtafter gym must-haves, the kettlebell is great for multiple exercises and so, regardless of what your fitness goals are, they are no doubt going to come in handy. To avoid the disappointment of buying the wrong weight kettlebell, opt for a set of 3 to ensure your gift is not limiting and can be used in multiple ways.

We recommend the DTX Fitness Kettlebell set containing 5lb, 10lb and 15lb. This is great for beginners who require smaller weights as well as those who’ve been exercising for some time.

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Buy DTX Fitness Kettlebells directly through Amazon

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are another useful piece of equipment perfect for home use as well as use within the gym. Again, to avoid buying the wrong strength, it’s best to get these bands within a set. We suggest buying the Pro works Resistance Bands which comes as a set of4.

Alternatively, if you know the strength of band to go for or if they already have a band, a DVD specific for use with the bands would be another great gift. There are a bucket full of different fitness routines online that utilize resistance bands, here’s one from Greatist.

2 - 11 Gift Ideas Under £20 for Fitness Lovers

Buy Proworks Resistance Bands directly through Amazon

3. Personalised Gym Bag

It’s great to have lots of gym equipment but lots of gyms are already fully equipped with their own that gym-goers can use at their leisure. Hence, if this is the case you’ll want to buy something a little more practical like a gym bag.

For most, going to the gym can be something they must squeeze into their daily routines perhaps before work, on a lunch break or at the end of the day. That’s why a gym bag is so important.

It can give the user convenience when carrying their gym gear around and particularly if the individual requires to shower at their gym space, they’ll need something to hold their towel and body washes.

3 - 11 Gift Ideas Under £20 for Fitness Lovers

Make it personal by adding in their name or a unique message that they can easily relate to. Using the below link, you can also choose from a selection of seven colors to suit every taste.

Buy a Personalised Gym Bag directly through Etsy

4. Body Wash

Not only great for fitness lovers but an overall great skincare product, The Body Shop Activist Shower Gel is perfect for removing sweat and any unwanted bacteria from the body after a workout.

It’s also super affordable, lightweight and reasonable in size so that it won’t overfill a gym bag or make it uncomfortably heavy to carry. This particular scent is best suited to men in a warm, spicy scent though it ultimately depends on scent preference. An alternative is the White Musk Sport Hair & Body Wash.

Both of these products are also cruelty-free and are extremely affordable for the quality you receive making a great gift!

You can buy either product from The Body Shop

5. Joe Wicks Cookbook (or other)

Fitness lovers are often food enthusiasts too, creating healthy, high protein meals that help them build their dream bodies when they workout. As a result, it’s a great idea to gift them a healthy cookbook to help keep them inspired and on track.

Of course, there are plenty of different healthy cookbooks that you can browse through online but some of the most popular choices which are continuously being promoted by health bloggers, are from the Joe Wicks range.

He created a series of “Lean in 15” cookbooks that consisted of healthy recipes catering to breakfast, dinner, tea, and snacks. Each recipe is highly nutritious and highlighted to be full of protein, carbohydrates or other, depending on what the user requires. You can currently purchase 2 of his books for under £20.

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Buy Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Cookbooks directly through Amazon

6. £20 Voucher for Sports Massage

Although this isn’t a physical gift idea, it’s a great gift for frequent gym goers to help them rest and let their bodies recover. Plus, with it being a gift voucher they can use it in their own time whether they’re currently suffering a sports injury or not.

Sports massages are usually something that people only resort to if they’re going through injury or times of heavy stress. Hence, this is the perfect gift as it’s not something they’d buy regularly making it a special, once-in-a-while event as well as being something they’d like.

For this gift, you’ll have to do some research into the gym they attend, sports therapists or masseuses in their local area. Depending on what massage they’d like it’ll affect the price they’ll pay, yet the beauty of buying a voucher is they can get whatever massage they want using your voucher to cover the full costs or partial costs.

Tip: Take a look on sites such as Groupon or Wowcher for any spa break deals. They often do lots of fantastic offers for sites all across the UK.

7. Foam Roller

Sticking along the lines of sports therapy, the foam roller is a great device to help lessen soreness and lactic acid from working out as well as improving one’s recovery rate after a tough gym session.

Available online in a range of colours and styles designed to target specific muscle groups depending on the area you want to target. The varying densities and patterning on the roller determine who can use them and how you can use them. Get a full insight into the foam roller that you need using this detailed guide.

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Buy the Core Balance Foam Massage Roller directly through Amazon

8. Gym Gloves

As we’re officially entering winter, a highly practical stocking filler is gym gloves. Perfect when individuals are handling metal kettlebells, barbells and other equipment, gym gloves help to not only protect hands from their coldness but they also protect them when lifting heavy weights.

Usually, gym gloves are sold semi-fingerless making them perfect for all year round, even in summer when it’s warm. They also come in basic sizing, XS, S, M, L & XL, though these Nike Training Gloves are ideal for many, as of the handy velcro strapping making them easy to adjust.

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Buy Nike Training Gloves directly from Sports Direct

9. Personalised Water Bottle

Nothing says a great gift like a personalized gift. Get your gym junkie a personalized water bottle with their name on to avoid the dreaded water bottle swap in a fitness class and give them a present that’s unique to them.

Of course, there’s plenty of styles to choose from: water bottles with straws, those with stress lids, those with compartments for fruit or food items to create infused water and more. Choose a bottle type that’ll suit them, though a personal favorite is one with a straw.

There are lots of different sites you can buy from, our favorites being Etsy, Amazon or Getting Personal.

10. Healthy Snack Hamper

Another food-related product we recommend is a healthy snack hamper. It’s an excellent choice to not only give your receiver something they’ll love and want to use but by giving them nutritious snacks, you’re helping them to stay nourished and healthy.

We’ve found a hamper that contains 4 great nutrient-packed powders including Super Cacao and NutrientPure Protein: the Fit Box: Superfood Gift Hamper. Reaching just under £20 this is an excellent gift and super simple and quick to buy, although you can always look at creating your own containing different healthy snacks and powders.

9 - 11 Gift Ideas Under £20 for Fitness Lovers

Buy Fit Box: Superfood Protein Gift Hamper from Not On The Highstreet

Aldi offers a great selection of nutritious powders from brand Functional Foods. Mix and match their powders priced at around £2.50 per 100g sachet and choose from items such as Spirulina Powder, Maca Powder, Wheatgrass Powder and more.

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11. Training Notebook

Finally, it’s great having all of these amazing workouts and meals planned but if they don’t keep a record of them or their progress in the gym, it can put people off from sticking to it. A notepad is a perfect solution to help them log their training sessions, what workouts they do, what foods they’ve eaten and more.

It can also be used to record weight loss or muscle gain which is a key motivator in showing them the hard work put in at the gym is paying off – whether they see it yet or not.

You can literally buy them any kind of notebook but of course, we suggest getting one personalized with their name or in a theme they’d like. Here’s one we love from Amazon:

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Buy Personalized Diet Diary directly through Amazon


Our list of gift ideas for fitness lovers make perfect stocking fillers or added extras for loved ones this Christmas, no matter their age and gender. Even the weighted products can be tailored to youngsters who may be getting into fitness – all it takes is a little savvy shopping.

Remember, with a health-related gift you cannot go wrong. You’re helping them better themselves which is highly rewarding for you as well as them. So, happy shopping!

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