10 Ways to Be a Better, Fitter Mountain Biker

Pushing yourself to the limits on a mountain bike can be frightening. To be better at what you do sometimes requires you to listen to others who are already at the top of their game.

In this case, you want to be a better as well as a fit mountain biker, there’s so much you can learn from experts who have been mountain biking for many years. From tips on how to tackle the trails, having trail confidence, being motivated, climbing clues, to preparing mentally, all these training ideas will help you become better and fit in mountain biking.

Try the following tips to help you become a better and fitter mountain biker.

  • Try running as well as cycling

The best part of the sport is that you can always do cross-training, this means you get to train in different ways daily. During the winter you can try to be on your road bike as much as possible to keep in shape. Running is also one of the best ways you can get fit and it’s very important to consider fixing it in your training schedules, as well as riding motor cross every now and then to keep up with the speed, strength your forearms need and help develop your upper body.

  • Master the wheelies

Knowing how to ride on your back wheel is a tough way to get your balance steady, get skillful with brake control and enjoying your ride time. Much as it is hard at times to get either the front or the back wheel off the ground, you just need to keep trying and keep your arms straight. Keep practicing on the ground and once you get it, try getting on the trails for more challenges.

  • Build some power in the gym

Going to the gym regularly will not only give you that strong body you need on the trails, but it will also help you stay fit especially for downhill racing. Do a lot of squats as well as deadlifts to get the strength you need in your legs because during races you will be in a squat position for a couple of minutes.

  • Look further ahead

Great sight is very important if you want to be a better biker. Try looking further ahead so as to see and react accordingly to obstacles coming up.

  • Join yoga classes

Yoga sessions, maybe twice a week can be very helpful to keep you fit. With a few poses, you will get to be flexible enough important in the sport as it will help you stay physically and mentally fit.

  • Plyometric exercise

You will need to improve your strength and power, so a few weeks of plyometric exercises like jumping and single leg hops will give power to your muscles. This will give you the strength you need on the trails as well as keep you fit.

  • Take a skills camp

Being good at something doesn’t only need you to self-teach yourself, but you also need to listen to guidance from people who know the sport so well. You may spend days doing the wrong thing over and over, but a little re-adjusting from reputable coaches can improve your biking skills.

  • Ride with bikers better than you

Try to chase after a competitor down the course, by doing this you will be able to learn a thing or two that you didn’t know were possible or considered doing. It will also open your mind to better ways of tackling the terrain.

  • Ride in different locations

Traveling to different places can help expose you to new riding locations with different obstacles, dirt, and new styles of trail build up. This not only makes you better, but also adds to your experience.

  • Ride everywhere

Ride your favorite mountain bike everywhere, whether it’s to the coffee shop, store, and restaurant or even to work. Spending more time on your bike will help you get better and also add to your riding skills as well as help you approach trail obstacles with more confidence.

Final Words

Mountain biking is a great sport whether you want to perfect it for the fame and prestige that comes with professional biking, or you just want to enjoy your local trails comfortably. By now you know what you must do to achieve your dream and get where you want to be.

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