10 Signs You May be in an Unhealthy Relationship

How can you tell you’re in a relationship with unhealthy love? Here are the signs to look out for if you’re not sure. These behaviors are a sign you’re in an unhealthy relationship and should leave before it’s too late.

Being in a relationship is beautiful if there is love and mutual understanding. It should be a fulfilling experience, going out on dates, helping each other out, or even gifting each other personalized gifts that will last forever. It’s the expectation that you will enjoy magical moments and live a life of happiness when you enter into a relationship.

However, many people don’t realize they’re in unhealthy love until it’s too late. Searching for the best dating sites reviews to pick a safe platform should be the beginning of your journey in choosing someone who will not subject you to an unhealthy relationship. It starts with the first step.

What is Unhealthy Love?

In a healthy relationship, everyone should feel comfortable and safe. There should be honesty, trust, equality, and respect. What makes love unhealthy is a power imbalance, where one person exerts control over the other. This could be through possessiveness or lack of respect for one’s boundaries. Sometimes you might not know you’re in an unhealthy relationship. Here are 10 warning signs.

Signs of Unhealthy Love

1. Your Personal Growth Stagnates in the Relationship

One of the most common unhealthy love signs is a lack of personal growth after entering into a relationship. Healthy relationships provide a perfect foundation for personal growth, so if you’re always sacrificing your happiness and personal growth for the relationship, it’s probably not good for you.

2. Life Getting Sucked out of You

Love should create happy moments. If you’re always enduring gloomy experiences that feel like life is sucked out of you, it could be a sign you’re in the wrong relationship. A relationship should not drain your energy to leave you exhausted. If there’s rarely a happy ending, you should weigh your priorities because you could be in a toxic relationship.

3. Lack of Communication

Communication is a vital element for a healthy relationship. Many unhealthy types of love exhibit broken communication. Partners must share both good and bad with each other as this is the foundation of building a healthy relationship. If you’re not able to discuss difficult topics, you will end in misunderstandings that you never work out.

4. Dishonesty

It might happen rarely, but any kind of dishonesty could indicate problems. It’s a sign you could end in bigger problems in the future. Repeated dishonesty is not good for any relationship.

5. Intensity

Is it unhealthy to love someone too much? Definitely not, but when a person expresses extreme feelings leading to over-the-top behavior, it can feel overwhelming. When things get too intense, it can feel like your partner is rushing your relationship’s pace. Obsessive behavior could transition into the desire to control you, so be careful when someone expresses themselves too strongly.

6. Possessiveness

Other unhealthy love types include possessiveness as the underlying problem. This happens when someone develops jealousy that makes them want to control you. They will try to decide who you can spend time with, the places you can visit, and the things you can do. Jealousy is normal for humans, but it’s unhealthy and could be classified as emotional abuse when it pushes someone to control you.

7. Your Partner Has Bad Temper

While disagreements are inevitable as you cannot agree all the time, it should never reach a point where your partner breaks things when they’re upset. Behavior like this shows a lack of self-control and could indicate impending danger. It’s not appropriate to solve uncertainties by yelling and being destructive. This is toxic behavior.

8. Your Partner Always Blames Others for His/Her Mistakes

Everyone should be responsible for their actions. Some people never admit when they do something wrong. Instead, they will look for another person to blame. Be cautious if your partner refuses to take responsibility.

9. A Relationship Filled with Negativity

When the negatives keep piling with no positives in sight, you could be dealing with a case of unhealthy love. Insults, put-downs, and criticisms are all examples of types of abuse that you should not tolerate. Never accept excuses from anyone who treats you like you don’t matter.

10. Isolation

No one should keep you away from your family, friends, or any people you care about. Isolation is a behavior that begins slowly and escalates into demands that you stop seeing certain people. Often, an abusive partner will give you options to choose between them and your family or friends.


These ten signs are just among few indicators that underpin unhealthy love vs. healthy love. When you observe uncomfortable behaviors in your relationship, seek professional help to know if you’re in the wrong place. Don’t accept any kind of abuse.

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