10 Best Health Documentaries Everyone Should Watch

In a technologically obsessed modern society, people are more and more refraining from reading non-fictional books. Social media hypes replaced the newspapers. At such a time, thanks to easy access to internet people are shifting fast towards video contents for a specific piece of information available in the form of documentaries.

When it comes about popular documentaries, health documentaries are getting unprecedented popularity. The tech-giant Google receives a massive number of queries about the best health documentaries. It is because people are becoming more health-conscious nowadays. Therefore, this selection of the ten best health documentaries everyone should watch should serve the booming interest of people. These documentaries have been picked with great care to meet up both health and entertainment issues of people.

List of ten health documentaries that everyone needs to watch

A world reigned by fast food and sugar makes it difficult for people to lead a healthy life. The only way is to know about the food processing industry, and health documentaries are no match to it.

By any chance, if you want to make a health documentary, these documentaries will surely help you serve as inspiration.  Besides this, please arrange a good YouTube camera for documentary purposes. Read this article to learn more about cameras for documentary purposes.

Let’s get straight into it.

And the Band Played on

This milestone setting documentary is based upon the quest of epidemiologist Don Francis to find the cause of HIV-AIDS. The HBO docudrama starts in 1976 in Zaire where Francis our hero, is seen to treating people in an epidemic near Ebola river. Francis is traumatized to see his research findings as the death toll in the villages kept rising. Later, Ebola Fever named after the river Ebola was found responsible for such a terrifying epidemic. Francis experienced in Zaire leads him to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to research against HIV.

Directed by Roger Spottiswoode, the docufilm won three EMMY awards and is considered amongst the all-time great list of public health documentation.

Screen time: 2 hours and 21 minutes

Year: 1993

Forks Over Knives

The documentary stars five real researchers who engage themselves in an enthralling argument over the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarian foods.  The documentary is directed by Lee Fulkerson and based upon the actual findings of Professor Campbell. The professor argued that western food habit based upon meats and processed foods like dairy productions are responsible for diabetes and artery diseases.

The famous film critic Roger Ebert in his review remarked that the film could save our life. In 2012, it received the Best Title award for a documentary.

Screen time: 1 hour and 36 minutes

Year: 2011

Period. End. Of Sentence

This Netflix docudrama shows an inspiring story of some American high-school pupils. They heard about an Indian village where women were disrespected for their periods. The news brings an emotional transformation among the students. Later, they saved their pocket money and engaged themselves in fund rising to sent them a pad-making machine as a token of love.

The inspirational film made by Rayka Zehtabchi received an Academy Award in this February. It portrays how the will of people eliminates distance and bring them closer by heart.

Screen time: 25 minutes

Year: 2018

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters

It is an informative docufilm that highlights the issues of obesity, food insecurity of people, and the future shortage of resources. The film emphatically showcases that the earth resources are close to the breaking point and therefore, our decision about our food habit will eventually mark the future of the earth.

Directed by Nina Messinger, the film aims to persuade people to live on a vegetarian diet, unlike the western food habit to save the animals and even plants to some extent.

Screen time: 1 hour and 32 minutes

Year: 2018

The Real Thumbelina

Barnaby Peel made the film to portray the power of a good community, unconditional love and hope through the journey of a four years old girl Amelie. She has been suffering from a rare syndrome of dwarfism and looks like a one-year-old child.

It relates the emotional journey of her parents and the local physicians to find out the cause of her dwarfism. Nonetheless, everyone in the community is eagerly waiting for the news of her recovery. The film documents some other children with the same problem as Amelie.

Screen time: 46 minutes

Year: 2011

That Sugar Film

It reveals the journey of the director Damon Gameau himself to bring the harsh reality of sugar in front of us. He shows how the so-called healthy diets like sugar-free milk take a toll on our body.  He starts consuming around 40 tbs of sugar per day, and the effect on his health is appealing.

Anyone interested in the negative impact of sugar on our body, this film is a must-watch for him.

Screen Time: 1 hour and 37 minutes

Year: 2014

Ancient Enemy

This docudrama starred by famous Indian Rajni Kanth brings a forgone and controversial issue in front of the audience. During 2005 Leprosy was officially granted ‘’eliminated’ status, but this film showcased that there are cases reported for Leprosy.

Being a  production of Al Jazeera -English, the docufilm brings the harsh reality in front of us. It further urges the importance of including Leprosy in the public health issue once again.

Screen time: 47 minutes

Year: 2014

A User’s Guide to Cheating Death

This multi-episode docufilm showcases how beauty companies manipulate people interest to look young and energetic. Directed and screened by Timothy Caulfield, the drama deals with the hype and eagerness created by popular media and companies to manipulate different treatment process.

The documentary further dealt with the controversial implementation of untested products upon people and showcased the real victims of it.

Screen Play:  Multi Episode

Year: 2017


Directed by Petr Timofeev, and Aleksey Shabarov the documentary sheds light on how the pharmaceutical companies are seizing their opportunity on the trending awareness of people about mental diseases like bipolar disorder and anxiety.

The film addresses that these are problems lying within the industry and one brave psychiatrist raises voice against the unethical stand of the companies.   

Screen time: 50 minutes

Year: 2017

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Produced by the famous Warner Bros., this docufilm describes the journey of Joe Cross. He is suffering from steroid problems and autoimmune disease. As doctors failed to treat him, he left junk food and started his 60 days road trip across.

Joe only aimed to get habituated with a balanced diet during this long 3000 miles journey.

Screen time: 1 hour and 37 minutes

Year: 2010

Final Word

A healthy diet has become a popular trend among people these days. The rising awareness is driving people crazy towards health documentaries. Therefore, this list should come handy to understand the food processing and pharmaceutical industry to identify a realistic healthy lifestyle.

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